Babe Lash
Eyelash Serum, Volumizing Mascara, and Fiber Extend
Babe Lash
Enhance your eyelashes from the inside out with Babe Eyelash Serum. Obtain naturally longer and fuller lashes without applying heavy layers of cumbersome cosmetics. This exclusive lash-friendly formula is designed to cultivate beautiful, effortless lashes in as little as four weeks. For best results, pair with Babe Volumizing Mascara.

Babe’s Jet Black Volumizing Mascara is the ideal companion to Babe Eyelash Serum. Sporting a dynamic, thick bristle brush, this mascara helps boost volume and drama on every lash for an ultra-smooth application. An ophthalmologist-tested, hypoallergenic formula, this mascara proves wholly perfect for crafting stunning finishing touches on your lashes.

Finally, maintain those fleshed-out, fluttering lashes with Babe Fiber Extend, a 2-in-1 lash-boosting system that reinforces substance, structure, and length on each individual lash via Viscose Flock Fibers. Put these feather-light fibers to work for you daily, and achieve superior volume, definition and convenience with a dual container of both lash extension fibers and black mascara.
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