Crown Straight Color #600
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Crown Straight Color #600



Dixie could never be caught without wearing heels. Whether with wedges or six-inch pumps, Betty always looks sharp and top-notch. And she knows her crowns will always make her hair look fantastic!

Babe Instant Hair is made from the highest quality, 100% Human hair, which maintains a radiant and smooth texture without any synthetic coatings, like silicone. Babe’s hair ensures a lasting, natural look that won’t easily tangle or mat.

You can even style your Babe Instant Hair alongside your natural hair! Easily curl, straighten, and crimp your Crown. Just be sure to use protectant with heating tools!

It only takes a fraction of a minute to install your Babe Crown. You can adjust the wire strap and fit it yourself, or enlist the help of a stylist. Once it’s secure and set to fit the crown of your head, pull your Crown on and then use a rattail comb, pen, or pinky finger to pull a layer of your natural hair over the wire. With proper care, your Crown can last a year or longer.