New Micro Bonding Technique!

Babe's new extension technique called Micro Bonding allows for easy customization of Fusion extensions. These micro-strands are able to be installed above the crown area (you heard that right)! Watch the video above for a glimpse into how this innovative technique can change the way you think about hair extensions! For FREE access to the full-length Micro Bonding Online Education video - click here! Free education offer expires February 28, 2017.

Install Fusion Extensions Using Micro Bonding

Hair Extension Expert Kari Fuller demonstrates our new hair extension technique called MICRO BONDING. Micro Bonding uses custom-cut Fusion extensions to install hair in smaller sections that are easily hidden above the crown area. This technique is perfect for areas of thinning hair requiring extra length or volume near the front of the face or the top of the head.

No Such Thing as Too Old to Wear Extensions

One of the biggest myths surrounding hair extensions is that only a limited age group can wear them—so not true! Hair Extension Expert Kari Fuller explains how mature women can enjoy the amazing benefits of hair extensions, adding volume and length to thinning hair. Babe Hair is for everyone!

Best Hair Extension Method for Thin Hair

Single Sided Tape is the best method for clients with thin, fine hair. Dylan explains what causes fine hair, and how hair extension methods have effected it in the past. Traditional hair extension methods put strain on fine hair. That's where Single Sided Tape-In Extensions come in.

What is Single Sided Tape?

Single Sided Tape is the best hair extension method for thin and fine hair. You can get the same great Tape-In extensions effects using only half the weight that you would with tradtional Tape-In Hair Extensions.

How to Remove Single Sided Tape

In this video, we show you the basics of removing Babe's Single Sided Tape-In Hair Extensions. It's easy, and it only takes few seconds per weft when you use our Tape-In Bond Remover.

How to Install Single Sided Tape-In Extensions?

Single Sided Tape application is similar to regular Tape-In installation. It's easy to install, super seamless, and easy to maintain. Single Sided Tape is designed for clients with thin, fine hair.