Custom Hair Formulations

Definitely try this at home!


Bringing excitement to boring style   Fixing mid-lengths and ends

Angie was bored with her current style and wanted a pop of color without bleaching and coloring her own hair. So we did just that, adding 4 packs of Flat-Tips in two different shades, installing them in a bricklay pattern so as to show gorgeous streaks of color!

Hair Extensions Used

2 pks 22" Flat Tip #6/10
2 pks 22" Flat Tip #3R


  • Used licorice Micro-Lock Beads
  • Sectioned the hair into a T parting

Application Description

•  Starting at the nape of the neck, apply 4 rows, alternating colors each by row, working your way up to the crown.
•  Leave space between each strand in the row by skipping every 2 sections.
•  Note: use a bricklay pattern to reveal strategic color placement.

Cut Performed After

•  Extensions were cut to match length of clients own hair

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