Custom Hair Formulations

Definitely try this at home!


Thickening fine hair   Filling in aging, thinning hair

Diana’s hair was thin and fragile, so we used Tape-In Extensions with Single Sided Tape on the back while adding Fusion Extensions using the Micro Bonding™ technique near the front and top of her head. Even up close, you can’t tell she’s wearing them!

Hair Extensions Used

1/2 pk 14" Tape-In #10
1/2 pk 14" Tape-In #24
1 pk 18" Fusion #24


  • Used single sided tape
  • Cut fusion strands into 1/2 and 1/4 bonds
  • Section hair from front to back, just behind the ear


•  Starting at the nape of the neck, apply 2 rows of Tape-In Extensions using Single Sided Tape, working up to the occipital bone. Alternate the two colors within the rows.
•  Leave space between the rows, and bricklay the sections in the rows.
•  Apply 2 rows of the ½ Fusion Extensions using the Micro Bonding™ technique from the front to just behind the ear, on each side.
•  Apply 2 rows of the ¼ Fusion Hair Extensions using the Micro Bonding™ method in the recession area to fill in the gap from the bang area, on each side.

Cutting and Blending

•  Cut extensions to match the length of the clients own hair
•  Add slight length to the front area

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