Custom Hair Formulations

Definitely try this at home!


Filling in aging, thinning hair

Glen was experiencing common hair loss found in aging men. Using our new Micro Bonding technique using Fusion Hair Extensions, we added several custom cut Fusion strands to thicken his hair at the top. The result was amazing—thicker, fuller hair!

Hair Extensions Used

½ pk 14" fusion #6


  • Cut fusion stands into 1/6 bonds


•  Starting from the bang area, apply the 1/6 strand Fusion Extensions using the Micro Bonding™ technique in rows following a circular pattern, working to the crown.
•  Leave space between the strands within the rows by skipping every 2 strands.
•  Also, leave space between the rows by skipping every other row.
•  Apply a total of 4 rows.
•  Note: use a bricklay pattern to cover more area; use root concealer very center of the crown if necessary.

Cutting and Blending

•  Cut extensions to match the length of the clients own hair. Add fullness to the finished style.

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