22" Flat-Tip 1001 (Yvonne)
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22" Flat-Tip 1001 (Yvonne)

Color: #1001 (Yvonne)/Installation time: 1 to 2 Hours
Lasts up to 3 to 6 months/Can be reused up to 3 times.


Yvonne is a super sleuth, who always is solving mysteries and saving the day. This detective’s favorite beauty secret is her Flat-Tip hair extensions that are easy to care for and undetectable, even under a magnifying glass. Most people don’t have a clue she’s wearing them! All they know is that her hair is brilliant as her crime-solving skills.

Between the exceptional coverage, the full-range movement, and the unmatched comfort of these Flat-Tip extensions, you’ll never want to take them off! They’re the perfect blend of seamless Tape-In and versatile I-Tip, and they come in 16 beautiful natural colors to match your effortless, natural style!

Because they are installed strand by strand, Flat-Tip offers 360 degrees of natural movement. Their flat connection point lays flush with the head, so extensions are virtually imperceptible. This method uses no heat, glues, or chemicals, and each package contains 20 pieces of pre-tipped, 100% Human Remy strands.

Flat-Tip extensions are guaranteed damage-free, and last up to three to six months. Removing the beads is simple with the Hair Extension Tool.


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