Beaded Starter Kit
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Beaded Starter Kit

Everything you need for the I-Tip and Flat-Tip hair extension methods

2 pack of 18” I-Tip Practice Hair
2 packs Flat-Tip Practice Hair
1 Color Swatch Ring
Deluxe Hair Extension Tool
1 Quick Pick Hair Parter - Regular
Hair Extension Brush
Babe Dry Spray Shampoo
100 pcs Micro-Lock Beads (Dark Chocolate)
Loop Tool
Babe Education Manual


Get everything you need all in one place!

No need to run around collecting tools—we’ve got all your I-Tip and Flat-Tip treasure hunt finds right here in our easy Beaded Starter Kit! You’ll be ready to get to work right away with everything to install, remove, and reinstall I-Tip and Flat-Tip hair extensions, plus a handy-dandy Babe Education Manual to smooth the way.


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