Deluxe Starter Kit
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Deluxe Starter Kit

Everything you need for Babe’s 4 professional hair extension methods (Tape-In, I-Tip, Flat-Tip, and Fusion)

4 packs of 18” Tape-In Practice Hair
4 packs 18” Fusion Practice Hair
2 packs 18” I-Tip Practice Hair
2 packs 18” Flat-Tip Practice Hair
1 Color Swatch ring
1 Quick Pick Hair Parter - Regular
1 Extension Brush
1 Babe Dry Shampoo
1 Deluxe Hair Extension Tool
1 Hair Gripper Tool
100 pcs Micro-Lock Beads
Loop Tool
Fusion Melting Connector
Fusion Cutter
1 pack Protector Discs (10 pcs)
Keratin Bond Remover (4.0 oz)
Keratin Rebonds (25 pieces - clear)
Babe Education Manual


Get everything you need all in one place!

Meet our marvelous Babe Deluxe Starter Kit! Filled to the brim with hair extension tools of all shapes and sizes, this kit will equip you with everything you need to install, remove, and reinstall extensions in any of Babe’s 4 professional methods. We’ve even thrown in a Babe Education Manual to help you along the way; it’s proven useful to newcomers and veteran stylists alike! Get it at a huge bargain, then get started installing Tape-In, Flat-Tip, I-Tip, and Fusion extensions in your salon!


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