Tape-In Starter Kit
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Tape-In Starter Kit

Everything you need for the Tape-In hair extension method

4 pack of 18” Tape-In Practice Hair
1 Color Swatch ring
1 Quick Pick Hair Parter - Regular
Hair Extension Brush
Babe Dry Spray Shampoo
Bond Remover (4.0 oz)
Tape-In Bond Remover (4.0 oz)
Replacement Tape (48 pieces)
Single Sided Tape (48 pcs)
Babe Education Manual


Get everything you need all in one place!

No need to run around collecting tools—we’ve got all your Tape-In treasure hunt finds right here in our easy Tape-In Starter Kit! You’ll be ready to get to work right away with everything to install, remove, and reinstall Tape-In hair extensions, plus a handy-dandy Babe Education Manual to smooth the way.


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