New Red Hair Extension Colors!

It’s time to launch the summer in style! Effective immediately, Babe is now offering 3 new natural red extension shades in all four of our professional methods! Say hello to Colette (#99J), Vivian (Red Wine), and GiGi (#38)—a collection of varied and vibrant ruddy hues. Together with our other red shades (Betsy (#3R), Emmie (#5R), and Ruby (#30/33)), they make for the most robust red collection Babe has ever offered! Let’s take a moment to get to know these girls better.

Colette (#99J)
Colette is a deep, rich, sultry red shade that borders on chocolate brown, but don’t think that means she’s subtle! Catch her in the light and you’ll see that she’s a true dark red.

Vivian (Red Wine)
Vivian is the color of red velvet cupcakes, with a beautiful depth and tone that lends dimension to this delectable shade. In terms of tone, Vivian sits snugly in the middle of Betsy (#3R) and Emmie (#5R), making her best for medium-dark clients.

GiGi (#38)
GiGi is a gorgeous, maple-y color that looks as fresh in fall as it does in spring. A medium-light shade, GiGi is now the lightest, brightest red shade we carry!

Visit your local distributor to see these shades in person. They’re available for purchase right now.



Using Extensions Above the Crown of the Head

41222140 - model brunette with long curly hair

What? You can use extensions above the crown of the head? What about bond visibility and all that stuff we used to say about not going above the horseshoe area during installation? Good news: when it comes to the Fusion method, you can “break the rule!” We have a new hair extension technique here at Babe called “Micro Bonding,” and it allows you to customize your Fusion extensions so they can go where they’ve never gone before—above the crown and hairline areas of your client’s head! Here’s how it works:

Cut the top half of the keratin bond off of the Fusion extension using our newest tool, the Fusion Cutter!

Turn the hair extension strand into a number of distinct Micro Bonds by snipping vertically through the keratin bond. Don’t cut all the way through the bond, but rather right up to the very edge, peeling the remaining piece apart with your fingers (that way you leave the hair itself intact!). The number of Micro Bonds you make from a single Fusion extension is up to you, but make sure to size the Micro Bonds to match the density of the hair sections they will be applied to.

Trim the keratin of each Micro Bond so that the bond is tapered (with the narrowest part on top, where the root will be once the extension is installed, and the widest part on bottom, where the bond connects to the extension hair).

Just like that, one Fusion extension is now a set of Micro Bonds that can be installed on smaller sections of your client’s hair! Smaller sections means greater precision, better resulting movement, and a lighter feeling suited to finer-haired clients. It could also mean using fewer packs of hair when working on more detail-oriented tasks, such as adding volume. And since these Micro Bonds are so tiny, they’re basically inconspicuous once installed, and can therefore be used to perform delicate work in more visible places on the scalp. We’ve already seen great Before & After photos where Micro Bonds were used to cover bald spots, add length and fullness to short or thinning hair, fill out empty sections around the hairline, and even create a man-bun! The possibilities are pretty much endless (you can start offering hair extension services to men and women with short haircuts now!).

To learn more about this new technique and explore all these new and exciting options, visit our Everything But Length Portal, check out our Micro Bonding video, and enroll in our Micro Bonding Online Education course! You can pick up Fusion extensions and a pair of Fusion Cutters—uniquely designed to cut fusion bonds neatly, accurately, and safely—at your local distributor.



The Newest Addition to Babe Lash

babe lash eyeliner


Finally it’s here! Babe Lash Enhancing Liquid Eyeliner has officially hit the shelves. If you’re a fan of Babe Lash Eyelash Serum, Volumizing Mascara, or Fiber Extend Mascara, you’ll love this little bad boy— an eyeliner that improves the physical health of eyelashes by nourishing and conditioning them from the inside out. It doesn’t get any better than that right?

Unlike other eyeliners, Babe Lash Liquid Eyeliner is made with pentapeptides, an anti-aging ingredient that immediately absorbs into the skin upon application. Once it makes contact with the skin, the pentapeptides work to plump and smooth your lashes for a youthful appearance. The end result: Stimulating lash rejuvenation at the source.

Babe Lash Liquid Eyeliner works best when used with Babe Lash Growth Serum and Mascara. Babe Lash products work with the body’s natural lash-growing process which is why they work best when partnered together as a trio. With a force like this, you’re soon to have the best eyelash batting around town!

This eyeliner will be your next favorite Babe Lash must-have, so here’s the deets you’re dying to know:

  • – Non-fraying tip and sponge allows for even glide and smooth application.
  • – Designed like a pen. Pointed tip allows for precision and varying wing points.
  • – Color is rich, dark, smudge-free, and layers very well. Lasts up to 24 hours.

Is your lash game strong? Visit your nearest Babe Lash distributor and get started on your own naturally longer, stronger lashes.



Babe New Product Alert: Instant Hair

new product alert

Guess what Babes? Babe Hair just released their newest product— Babe Instant Hair! Now you can get the same high quality hair without going through an online store. Get your perfect color match at any Babe Hair distributor and start showing off your new look right away with the new Clip-In extensions, Clip-In bangs, or Crown extensions. Most high-end clip-in extensions can only be found online. Babe has made it easier for you, the consumer, by making Instant Hair available to you so you no longer have to guess if you’ve ordered the right color or texture.

Stylists what does this mean for you? More business of course! Instant hair needs to be blended for a more natural look, not to mention, some clients will still want them colored for more dimension or an even better match. Just like you would charge for a cut or color you can make some extra income helping your client achieve the natural look with Instant Hair. You can also make a profit if you choose to stock and sell them. They would be perfect for the client who wants longer or thicker hair without the commitment of having hair extensions bonded, taped, or beaded to their natural hair. Some women just cannot get used to the feeling of having hair extensions for longer periods of time or are just simply too intimidated by the idea. This is a great way for them to give hair extensions a try… who knows, maybe they’ll want a more permanent look with Babe’s other methods like Fusion, Tape-Ins, or I-Tips.

Need more info? Click here. Otherwise, get your Instant Hair today and make sure to tag us on Facebook or Instagram for a feature of your new fabulous look!



How Can I Get a Shoutout From Babe Hair?

shoutout from babe

Our social media pages are dedicated to you, the stylist. If you follow us on Instagram, Facebook, twitter, or Pinterest, you’ll see that they’re full of reposts by different stylists. We love shining the light on a job well done, and in doing so, hope to help clients find you if you’re in their area. It’s our way of thanking you for choosing Babe Hair. So what do we look for when reposting and giving shoutouts? Below is a small list of things that you can do to help us promote you and get a spotlight post.

Tags. Unfortunately, if your social media pages are private, we will not be able to see any hashtags or tags that mention Babe Hair. A good idea is to have a business page for all your hair creations to be kept public and a personal page to keep private for friends and family only. Of course, we prefer hashtags (#babehair, #babehairextensions, #babeinbabe, etc.) Hashtags make it easier to find you because they are archived. If you ‘mention’ us, they get buried in tons of notifications we get daily. However, if ‘mentions’ are your favorite, we’ll do our best to catch it.

Don’t hashtag more than one brand. Why would you use any other brand besides Babe Hair anyway? Kidding, not really… But if you are going back and forth between brands, just hashtag the one brand you’ve used on the client. That way we know it’s our product and we’re not misrepresenting you or your work.

Lighting. You could have the best Babe Hair masterpiece you’ve ever created but if the lighting is poor, we won’t be able to tell. Make sure you have great lighting on both your before and after shots. Oh, and while we’re on the subject of lighting— don’t filter! Could you see us putting a filter on Picasso’s work? Let your Babe Hair masterpiece show off the dimension, length, and layers. The more natural, the better.

Angle. Can we just say that all of us here at Babe Hair enjoy seeing those drastic transformations through your before and after pictures— they’re our guilty pleasure! However, it’s kind of hard to tell when the before shot was taken at a closer proximity and the after shot was taken further away. The best way to show off your transformation is if both before and after pictures were taken from the same angle and distance.

Skills. We’re kind of picky when it comes to featuring stylists. By picky we mean, we want to make sure your work consists of proper placement and blending by Babe Hair guidelines. If you’re ever in doubt, feel free to ask your distributor for pointers or us by sending a message at If you haven’t attended a Babe Hair Hands-on Class or researched our online education, we strongly recommend it. It’s definitely worth the effort and you’ll never doubt your work again!

Questions or comments? Drop them below!



TruBeauty Concepts Welcomes Babe Hair


Guess what, Babes? Babe hair recently joined TruBeauty! We’re excited to make this announcement, especially because they will be supplying 6 major areas— Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C..

TruBeauty’s mission statement is “To offer the most unique and highest quality brand to their customers, allowing the stylists and beauty professionals of the finest spas and salons to elevate their business and level of success.” With that being said, Babe Hair is so glad to be part of such an amazing team of professionals that we know will take care of all of your Babe Hair needs.

Stop by and check out Babe’s new home! For TruBeauty locations visit: more information on TruBeauty and the different products available through them visit:

As always, we love answering any headscratchers so drop your questions below!


Babe Hair Introduces New Flat-Tip Hair Extensions

babe flat tip blog

If you’ve visited the Babe Hair website recently, you may have noticed one of our biggest announcements of the year. We’ve launched a brand new, innovative way of doing hair extensions. What is it? Imagine a merger between Babe Hair I-Tips and Tape-Ins in one. That’s exactly what we did! And without further ado, let’s talk about Babe’s new Flat-Tip hair extensions.

Flat-Tips come in 22 inches and in 16 of Babe’s most popular colors. They lay flat like Tape-Ins and are installed strand-by-strand. They are the ideal options for clients who are Tape-In fanatics because of the way they lay, but want the ability to wear their extensions up more. Since Tape-Ins are installed by wefts, they may not be able to have the 360 degree movement that Fusion or I-Tips have. If you have a client that is faithfully placing her hair up, you may want to explore Flat-Tips with her..

Still curious? Watch our Master Educator, Kari Fuller, as she explains Flat-Tips and installs a full head of Babe Hair Flat-Tips.



Babe Lash Gift With Purchase

babe lash

Don’t you love the holidays? It’s the best time of the year because of the spirit of giving. And because we love all of our Babes, for the month of November AND December, we’re gifting you a free limited edition Babe Lash cosmetic travel bag with the purchase of 2mL or 4mL Eyelash Serum. But wait, not so fast! If you buy the 4mL you also get a Babe Lash Curler, so you might as well go big or go home, right?

Store all of your Babe Lash products in one place that has the Babe Lash label on it. Your Babe Lash Fiber Extend, Eyelash Serum, and Babe Lash mascara… sounds like music to my matching obsession ears!

If you’ve always wanted to try Babe’s Lash Serum, now is the perfect time. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with the way it makes your lashes stronger and longer. A word of advice, get the 4mL because you’ll need the eyelash curler for you new, longer lashes…

For more information about Babe Lash or to purchase, visit your nearest distributor.


Babe Vanity. Who Said Tough Couldn’t Be Pretty?

babe vanity

The word is out! Babe Hair has been working long and hard on a new item to hit the shelves in the coming weeks— Babe Vanity. A mirrored screen protector for your iPhone and Android. This little item is meant to replace your compact mirror, making it one last thing to carry in your purse (especially clutches). Designed to be sharp enough just like a mirror, you don’t have to check in the mirror for those gorgeous selfies anymore! Just look into your phone and get camera ready for that snapshot.

In the testing phase, we accidentally dropped a phone on cobblestone, and to our surprise, the screen was untouched when we were sure it was shattered! Most of us like to keep our phones looking new, so we invest in a good phone case and screen protector right? If you’re going to have a protector on your phone, why not get one that will serve a another purpose other than just a plastic cover?

We know you’ll love Babe Vanity as much as we enjoyed working on it. If you’re the queen of selfies we know for a fact you’ll be hooked! Pick one up next time you visit your distributor and tag us in your selfies on Instagram.



Eyelash Serum, Your Secret Weapon

eyelash serum your secret weapon

Last week we talked about our Babe Lash line so it’s only right that we follow up with a tip for our eyelash extension lovers. For those that haven’t tried eyelash extensions, you really should give these babies a try! Warning: You will become addicted. If you’re already an addict of these beautiful long batting eyelashes, tune in. We’ve got a secret to keeping them on just a tad bit longer before your next fill.

Babe’s Eyelash Serum! Yup that’s the big secret. Here’s the run down…

Your eyelashes have a growth cycle and each lash will grow to a certain length. Eventually, once the lash has reached the end of it’s cycle, it will fall out and be replaced by a new growing lash (which is why you’ll sometimes get those annoying lashes that fall in your eye or on your cheek). While we can go more into depth about each phase in the cycle, we don’t want to bore you so we’ll explain how the serum plays a huge part.

Each extension is attached to the root of your natural eyelash. So if it’s a lucky day, the lash extension attached to your natural eyelash will fall out because it was at the end of it’s cycle. Babe’s Eyelash serum works to strengthen each lash allowing them to grow longer, therefore, holding off from falling out, which then, you guessed it— allows you to push back those fill appointments. The lash extension will stay put a little longer because the natural lash won’t fall out as easily or as quickly. In other words, they will fall out eventually, just not as fast.

Still a little skeptical? We don’t blame you. The serum comes in a smaller size (2mL) so pick up a bottle the next time you visit your distributor and let us know what you think. You’ll definitely notice a difference, we pinky promise!