Are You Ready for the Holidays?

Thanksgiving has come and gone…and we all know what that means. The holidays are officially upon us, and we can’t help but feel a combination of excitement and stress! But before you let the latter get in the way of your celebrations, check the following inventory of seasonal must-haves. You may find that you’re more prepared than you think–or, if not, you’ll at least know what to work on!

Holiday Promotion
Holiday promotions are a great way to pump some extra revenue into your salon this season, and they’re also just plain fun! Arrange the perfect seasonal extension sale or a themed salon party, then get all the stylists at your salon on-board so you can make it a memorable event! In terms of promotions, one fun idea is to incorporate an advent calendar into the salon, so customers receive a free treat or an unexpected discount on each day.


Holiday Calendar and Inventory
If you find that your salon gets unmanageably hectic during the holidays, begin the season with a thorough and extensive holiday calendar that’s posted in a central location in the salon. Feature all of your promotions in this calendar, as well as all appointments, events, classes, follow-up reminders, extension purchase-by dates (so you can be on top of every appointment), and other essential information. You could also use a web program to do this–like Trello or Google Calendar.


Gift Money
Set your gift money aside at the beginning of the season so that you never find yourself short on cash for gifts. If you’re creating a budget for small client gifts, you should do this separately from your personal/family-related gift money, or set it aside as a percentage from every transaction.


Personal Wishlist
Unless you prefer surprises, let your friends and family know just what you’d like to receive by creating a public wishlist–either on Amazon, Shoptagr, Pinterest, or another platform. You can even include your desired salon items and Babe products here, too! Even if you don’t get everything you would’ve liked, you’ll still have the list to keep track of everything–and to use as a shopping list once the holidays are over.


Ideas for Inspiration
Between all the parties, get-togethers, outings, and other holiday events, you may find that you don’t have time to plan every recipe, outfit, or hairdo. Cover all your bases in advance by assembling an inspiration board that you can return to quickly. Again, Pinterest is a great place for this, and you can get a head start finding festive hair ideas on our Pinterest boards!


Greeting Cards
These aren’t just for your loved ones–it’s good to create some greeting cards for your salon clientele, too! Thank them for their business, and offer them a small perk (like a discount) on their next cut, color, or installation. Best part is, these don’t have to be print-out, mail-in kind of cards. Nowadays there are lots of ways to deliver sincere messages without relying on paper, including designing or coding them yourself, and they’re quite a bit cheaper than the traditional method.


How are you preparing for the holidays? Let us know in the comments below!



What’s Your Client’s Perfect Brown?

Selecting the ideal color for your client can be tricky, especially since differences in hair color can be so subtle! This is often especially true of darker hair colors, because differences in shade and tone can be harder to spot. But don’t you worry–Babe is here to help you out. Below, find some of our go-to methods for uncovering the perfect brown shade for your client.

One of the first things you should do when trying to match an extension color to your client’s hair is invite your client to describe their hair color in their own words. The reason for this is that actual color is not the only thing that varies from person to person–perception of color also differs, sometimes dramatically, so the first order of business should be getting on the same page.


Color Labeling
In describing their own hair color, the client likely used terms like warm, cool, bright, saturated, dull, light, dark, etc. Next, ask them to assign those adjectives to a selection of colors on your Color Ring. You can explain that you pre-selected this range of colors based off of your perception of the client’s hair color, and that you’d like for the client to narrow down the options based off of the terms that they used in their own description.


Color Swatch Test
After your client has labeled the relevant swatches and narrowed down the options, proceed to actually compare the selected strands to the client’s hair in different settings/lighting situations. Ask your client what they think of the contrast between their own hair and the swatch, and test additional strands when necessary. You could also talk about blending multiple shades for a custom result.


Undertone Test
Sometimes you’ll find yourself stuck between two (or even three) colors. When this happens, shift the focus from testing against the hair to testing against the skin. The most subtle differences between colors are often based on their relative warmth or coolness, or brightness/dullness. Fortunately, the warmth or coolness of a client’s hair typically aligns with the warmth or coolness of their skin. So select the color that looks best when draped over the client’s forearm.


With a little bit of practice, you’ll be deciphering your client’s darker shades in no time. Until then, make sure to keep up with all of our tutorial videos and educational content over on our YouTube channel!


Everything Tape-In!

In case you didn’t notice, Babe Tape-Ins are on sale this November-December! You can purchase any Tape-In extensions for 10% off! In honor of the promotion, we’re sharing some of our best Tape-related tips and tricks from the Hair Extension Gossip archives. Be sure to peruse the items below, then (re)visit your local distributor to take advantage of the deal!

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Installation Tips
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Hair Care
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Removal Tips
Removing Tape-In Extensions
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Insider Tips and Tricks For Babe Hair Tape Removal

Re-installation Tips
4 Easy Steps to Consider Before Reinstalling Your Tape-Ins
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Avoiding Slippage After a Tape-In Touch-Up



How To Make Money on Halloween

Halloween is among our favorite times of year, because we can dress outlandishly and totally get away with it! It’s also a great opportunity to attract some extra business, and we have some tips to help you do just that.

Seems simple, right? Most of us like to decorate our spaces for purely personal enjoyment, but it’s also great for entertaining clients and giving them a break from the same-old same-old. Plus, it can draw the attention of would-be clients who would’ve walked right past your storefront otherwise. One decoration staple we like around Halloween is a “Cousin Itt” hair extension holder (try it with a Styrofoam Mannequin Head)!


Dress Up
Complement your decorations with elaborate costumes. Remember that you still need to get your work done safely, so don’t incorporate anything that obstructs your sight or your hands. The hair, of course, will be the most important part. Use hair extensions to create your look, so you can show your clients what can be achieved with this versatile product.


Feature a Sale
Sales help to get people into your chair–particularly those that you may not have seen in awhile. Just make sure that your selected sale is compelling enough to actually do the job. Consider something thematically appropriate, like discounted funky colors for Halloween makeovers, or complimentary styles with a cut and color. You can make the sale extra engaging by creating a social media challenge or event beforehand that requires your followers to uncover the sale details amongst your other content. That way you have them looking through your entire feed as you build excitement and anticipation for the sale!


Host a Soirée
For those of you who have the space and the resources, a Halloween party is a really fun way to bring business into your salon. In addition to your regular services, provide your customers with snacks, face painting, nail design, discounted single extension strands, and maybe even a costume contest or raffle where the winner receives a hair extension installation free of labor cost (that is, paying just for the hair extensions themselves).


Gauge Interest
If you enjoy this Halloween experience and decide you want to stage similar events for other holidays, be sure to ask your clients whether they’d be up for that, too! You can even create a preemptive contact list that indicates which clients you should notify in advance for future happenings. Give it a cute name, like the “Hair Fair” or “Babe Brigade”, and send out periodic updates and correspondence to keep the participants engaged. You may find that some customers become so involved that they help you to organize future events in exchange for exclusive perks!


What are you doing in your salon this Halloween? Are you including Babe in your costume? Tell us all the details in the comments below!



Marketing with Your Starter Kit

We’re currently featuring our new and improved Babe Starter Kits on the Babe website, promotion list, and social media, and we couldn’t be more pleased! The combination of new and classic tools, hair extension strands, and educational materials makes these kits the perfect introduction to a vital hair extension practice. But did you know Babe’s Starter Kits can also be used to help you with your marketing efforts? With everything included, you’ll find all the details you need to flaunt your business anywhere you go. Here’s how!

Want to let more of your existing clients know about your extension services without sounding too sales-y? Leave your Starter Kit on display in your salon area, perhaps alongside some of our other Marketing Materials, and let it do the talking for you.


With the new, cute, grab-able carrying case, you’ll be able to tote your kit around with you to off-site appointments and events–advertising your business along the way . Get ready to field more questions about Babe Hair and your hair extension practice!


Complete with a Color Ring
The Babe Color Ring is a stellar promotional tool. It features every hair extension shade that we offer, and shows off the superior quality of our 100% Human Remy locks. So clients are able to see and experience the hair before making an investment. A Color Ring is included in each one of our Start Kits, so you can bring your samples with you everywhere!


Each of our Starter Kits contains all of the tools you need to perform an installation in the given method. That means, as long as you have the kit with you, you’ll be able to demonstrate (or, if you packed sufficient hair, perform) an installation anywhere. Show potential clients how simple it is to install and remove an I-Tip extension, or how safe it is to work with Fusion. You can take the evidence to them, instead of waiting for them to come to you.


While Babe Starter Kits don’t come pre-packed with business cards, they’re a great way for you to carry your business cards around. Once you’ve answered questions, shown your samples, and completed your demonstrations, be sure to seal the deal by distributing your salon information. You may even choose to store a sign-up sheet inside your Starter Kit, too, so that you can collect email addresses for future follow-up.


Get your hands on one of our updated Starter Kits and receive 50% off Online Education! You can find them at your local distributor today.



How To: Darkening Hair with Hair Extensions

Hair extensions aren’t only for adding long, lush length. Here at Babe, we have lots of techniques and methods that use extensions for volume, correcting inconsistencies in thickness or length, filling out thinning hair, covering bald spots, and more! Today, we’re going to focus on how you can use extensions to achieve color transformations–and, more specifically, how you can use them to recreate this season’s most popular shades!

Color Blending
The classic way to use hair extensions in color transformations is to incorporate multiple shades into a single installation. This can be in the form of highlights and lowlights (or extensions two steps lighter and two steps darker than the client’s own hair, respectively), or it can be a more subtle, overall mix that involves alternating between different color strands during placement. This tactic uses no color formulas or dyes–just the hair extensions themselves–and can be used to create any number of tones or shades that are not explicitly offered in our color collection. For example, if your client is looking for a dark, reddish-brown shade between #3R and Red Wine, apply strands of #3R, Red Wine, and #2 to create the desired color.


Color Formulas
If you want a more decisive departure from Babe’s established color options, you can use our color formulations. You can achieve anything: pastel, mermaid, ombre, and more. You can even achieve specific “natural” colors in this way. Just remember to abide by the following rules:
1. Use only semi- or demi-permanent colors, as they’re the gentlest on the hair and require no developer to process.
2. If you’re intending to color the client’s natural hair, too, do this on a different day than the installation. We recommend that you color the extensions first so that you can use them as a reference when coloring your client’s hair.
3. Try to stay within 2 shades of the extension’s original color (unless you’re coloring on #60 extensions), and only deposit–never lift color.
4. When coloring Tape-In extensions, remove the tape first. After the coloring process is complete, you’ll have to apply Replacement Tape instead.
5. Always perform a swatch test on an inconspicuous piece of the hair (or on a separate swatch of the same color) to see how the hair takes to the color.
6. Don’t try to return hair extensions that have been removed from their packaging, handled, and/or colored. We can only accept hair extension returns when the hair has not been removed from the box. Take every possible precaution before you apply the color so that you’ll arrive at your desired results. As long as you follow the directions above, your color job should turn out beautifully.


Gorgeous Combinations
Fall and winter are all about darker, more decadent hair colors, so help your clients get to auburn, chocolate brown, or even charcoal black by combining blending and coloring techniques. For example, take your middle-range brunette client to dark brown by coloring her hair to the appropriate shade, then installing uncolored strands of #1B and #2 for dimension. Alternatively, add just a touch of darkness by adding strands of #4 and #6 to a #8 base client, or by custom coloring extension strands to add natural-looking depth to a darker blonde. The possibilities are endless, so be creative!


Have you performed a color transformation using Babe extensions? Share the before and after with us on our social media pages! We may even feature your work on the site or in a future post.



The Best Hair Hack: Babe Starter Kits

We like to think of the Babe blog as a sort of treasure trove filled with extension tips and tricks. Here, we collect everything from business tips to installation insights, product backstories to style inspirations, and we have more than a few hair hacks to help you save time as you work, learn, and grow. But one of our greatest tricks (and treasures!) is pretty unassuming. We’ve carried these gems for ages without making much of a fuss about them! But from now until October 31st, we’re putting them front and center, because Starter Kits are probably the best hair hacks you can find.

First of all, they make your tool shopping oh-so easy.
No need to draft your own list, assemble your own materials, or look up and down for each item needed to complete your tool kit. We’ve done all of that for you in each professional extension category. We have a Tape-In Starter Kit, a Beaded Starter Kit, a Fusion Starter Kit, and a Deluxe Starter Kit, the last of which contains all the tools you need to perform any Babe hair extension installation. Simply select the kit that best suits your purposes and take it to the checkout line. It’s that easy.

Not only are they easy—they’re also informative.
Each Babe Starter Kit comes with a complete Babe Extension Manual, so you’ll never miss a step or forget a detail about your chosen method(s). It’s like having a mini-Babe educator with you at all times, ready to guide you through your process and answer your questions. The Babe Extension Manual acts as a great supplement to our Online Education courses, enabling you to add context to the videos, study key points, or refresh your memory after the course is over.

Best part is, they save you money!
Save on the total cost of all your tools by purchasing a Deluxe Starter Kit ($80 less than purchasing separately)! Plus, take 50% off Online Education with any Starter Kit purchase, from Tape-In to Beaded to Fusion to Deluxe. These changes are permanent, and they coincide with nice new kit features, like updated packaging and new tools! Start browsing now to review the options, then visit your local distributor to seal the deal!

See you soon!



Happy Fall from Babe!

September 23rd marks the first day of fall, and we’re so excited to bring out all our seasonal decorations, outfits, and recipes! It was a busy summer here at Babe, with new red extension colors, new extension tools, and more! But there’s plenty to look forward to in the months ahead, and we want to give you a quick overview of what’s coming up soon…

This month marks the beginning of our new Starter Kit offering, which will remain in effect from now on. Save $80 on the cost of all your hair extension tools with the Deluxe Starter Kit, and receive 50% off Online Education when you buy any of our Starter Kits. Besides the Deluxe, we also offer Tape-In, Beaded, and Fusion kits.

Next month we’re hitting up Premiere Beauty Classic in Columbus, Ohio, then Premiere Birmingham in Alabama shortly thereafter. These regional trade shows are so much fun, and we always look forward to offering our live hair extension classes and free installations to you all! Get in on the action and reserve your spot early—you can sign up for Premiere Beauty Classic installations here, and Premiere Birmingham installations right here.

We have some treats planned for the holiday season, too, but it’s still too early to be thinking about that! As always, we’ll keep you up-to-date on all Babe happenings right here, so you’ll never miss a beat. In the meantime, we want to wish you a happy and beautiful fall. May all your leaves be magical, and may all your spiced chais be divine!

The Babe Team



What Are Velcro Hair Grippers?

Don’t you just hate pesky flyaways? Not only do they ruin the effect of all your polished hairdos, they also get in the way during hair extension installations. Flyaways aren’t good news for your client, either—in the event that a stray hair does get caught in a nearby attachment, they’re the ones who will have to deal with that sharp and painful tugging sensation, or with broken hair. That’s why we’ve hatched a plan to deal with them once and for all. The result? Velcro Hair Grippers: your new installation superhero.

Velcro Hair Grippers are as intuitive and straightforward as they sound. They’re strips of hair-safe velcro that you press against the hair above your part to keep each and every strand in place. They’ll protect your client’s extensions from any unruly and invasive flyaways, ensuring that each bond remains totally clean and comfortable. Plus, they’ll give your arms a break from holding hair at bay. Less hassle means your hair extension appointments will be easier and more enjoyable than ever!

Each pack of Velcro Hair Grippers contains four reusable pieces, so you can use them again and again. Do yourself a favor and enlist some in your salon today! They’re available at your local distributor right now.



Babe’s Top Picks from the “Installation” Archives!

In honor of our September-October Babe Starter Kit announcement, we’ve scoured our “Installation” blog archives and selected some of our all-time favorites! Brush up on your installation know-how, learn a couple of tips and tricks to maximize efficiency, and read our advice for how to tackle some tough hair extension situations. After that, head over to your local distributor to take advantage of our Deluxe Starter Kit ($80 cheaper than purchasing all the tools individually!), plus 50% off Online Education with any Starter Kit purchase–from now on!

To conquer your consultations…
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To get the most of your tools…
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To perfect your installations…
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To wrap it all up…
How to Respond to an Unhappy Client
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The Babe Team