Simple Ways to Transform Your Business


It’s the end of 2016. Regardless of how your resolutions for this year turned out, it’s never too late to set yourself up for a good start next year. Today, as our last blog before 2017, we’re going to list some simple things you can do to give your hair extension business a makeover for the new year (we already know that you’re really good at makeovers). So let’s get to it!

This is a fairly straightforward one—transform your salon space by moving around the furniture, adding some seasonal decorative elements, or some business-specific marketing materials and displays. Not only will this revitalize the salon itself, it’ll also clue your clients in on all the services that you offer.

Update your inventory.
Depending on your inventory management style, you may be overdue for an inventory update. In 2016 alone, Babe introduced a number of new extension methods, colors, and tools, including our Instant Hair line, Flat-Tips, Fusion Cutters, Hair Organizers, Styrofoam Mannequin Heads, and several ombre shades. With all of the new additions, you may find that you’re missing a few revolutionary items in your salon.

Master a new method.
There’s no better way to boost your extension business than to introduce a whole new method to your arsenal. Our Online Education portal is more equipped than ever to teach you the ins and outs of our various extension methods, from I-Tip, Tape-In, and Fusion to Lash extensions. Enroll today for access to the training videos, including Babe certification (if you so choose). Certification in Babe extension methods puts you on our Certified Stylist list, so potential new clients can find you easily from our site. You’ll also be able to provide your clients with more service options.

Introduce Instant Hair services.
Speaking of more service options, Instant Hair extensions provide a load of opportunities to extend new services to your clients, including extension fitting, trimming, and coloring services. We even have an Instant Hair Rewards program to give you more returns for your investment. Learn more about how you can use Instant Hair to enhance your business by clicking here.

Introduce a customer rewards program.
Take a cue from the Instant Hair Rewards program and introduce your own rewards for your most loyal clients. Enable them to collect points for attending all of their recommended maintenance appointments, collecting all of their hair extension upkeep tools, or bringing a friend into the salon. The possibilities are endless.

Reboot your enthusiasm.
Motivation is the best indicator of success, so get back in the hair extension groove by treating yourself to some live Babe events. We offer trade show classes, Mastery Tour events, and even local-level courses with certain Babe distributors, all of which are guaranteed to increase your enthusiasm and improve your extension skills! Connect with fellow Babe stylists and learn in an engaging, fun environment. You can find our next destination right here.

Get a head start on your best extension year ever by following these tips, and let us know how it goes! You can share pictures and stories to any of our social media pages.

Until then, Happy Almost-New Year!



Happy Hair, Happy Holidays!


Last week we went over how to defend your hair (and your clients’ hair) from the winter weather. This week, we want to see how your beautiful transformations are standing up to the cold! Christmas is only a few days away, as are Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, and we’re sure that many of our Babes are already picking out their outfits and dolling up for the upcoming holiday festivities. Our hair extensions will be making an appearance from coast to coast and party to party, and we want to be in on the fun!

Submit your holiday hairdo photos to Babe’s Facebook and Instagram pages, and we may feature your look for the entire Babe community. These can be photos of you, or consensual photos of your clients. Either way, be sure to comment on the extension method, length, and color used for the hairstyles, so we can include those details in the caption.

Need some inspiration? Head over to our Pinterest page and browse our many boards to get your creative juices flowing. We’ve got a board for swanky hairstyles, braids, buns, and overall great looks, so you’re sure to find something that’ll pique your interest!

Whatever your style or creed, we’re wishing you the warmest and happiest of holidays, complete with the best hair of the year! We can’t wait for the pics.




Give Babe as a Gift!


The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes lights, decorations, and lots of presents! If you’re on the hunt for gifts this month (whether for yourself or someone else), Babe has you covered with various hair and beauty products—some of which are even on sale through the end of the month! So take a look at our recommendations, then head over to your local distributor to get shopping.

Instant Hair
Our line of temporary, removable hair extensions is perfect for adults and children alike. Instant Hair offers endless styling potential, a professional-quality look, and the opportunity to experience a whole new head of hair—all without the commitment of bonds, glues, or professional maintenance. We offer a range of Instant Hair options to suit each client’s tastes and application preferences, including Clip-Ins, Crowns, and Bangs extensions in various weights, lengths, and styles. Best of all, our Instant Hair is now 15% off—from now until December 31st.

After Care Kit
The Babe After Care Kit isn’t only for hair extension users. Any salon client, beauty enthusiast, or person with hair can benefit from a 100% boar hair bristle brush and Dry Spray Shampoo. Plus, we’re offering our After Care Kit with a limited edition carrying case from now until the end of December, so you can gift your loved ones with great hair and a cute accessory.

Babe Lash
Babe Lash products include our lash-lengthening Eyelash Serum, Enhancing Liquid Eyeliner, Fiber Extend Mascara, and Volumizing Mascara—multitasking makeup products that leave your lashes looking full and thick even after the initial application. They’re a great choice for any makeup-loving ladies in your life who are after swoon-worthy eyes. And, as you might expect, we’re also featuring a November-December Babe Lash deal: from now until the end of the year, receive a free Babe Lash Skinny Clutch and Luxe Lash Separator with your purchase of 2mL Eyelash Serum and Volumizing Mascara. That’s even more goodies to put under the tree!

Head over to our Promotions page today to get a good look at all of these offers, then go straight to your local distributor and make them yours. We won’t judge if you end up keeping a few of these treats for yourself!

Got comments or questions? Leave them in the space below!



The Wonders of Dry Spray Shampoo


According to Babe hair extension best practices, clients should be washing their extensions no more than 2-3 times per week (or once a week for curly and wavy extension types). So what’s a client to do if they find their hair getting oily or tacky in-between washes? We have a solution for that: Babe Dry Spray Shampoo.

Our proprietary Dry Spray Shampoo is unique in that it is 100% extension-safe. It’s formulated with absolutely no sulfates for maximum hair health, and it includes minimal alcohol to prevent loss of moisture. Furthermore, unlike many other dry shampoos on the market, Babe Dry Spray Shampoo is not particularly powdery, and does not leave any noticeable residue on the hair. Instead, it leaves behind a light and pleasant vanilla scent that will keep your hair smelling as good as it looks.

We recommend providing your client with an After Care Kit—which includes Babe Dry Spray Shampoo, a Hair Extension Brush, and an aftercare card—following their installation to ensure that they have the tools to properly maintain their hair extensions. Instruct your client to hold the can of Dry Spray Shampoo 12 inches or so away from their hair, and to spray the formula evenly over the scalp area of their head for no more than a couple of seconds. They should then massage the product into their scalp with their fingers, allowing a few moments for it to take effect, then finally brush through their hair with the Hair Extension Brush.

This November-December, Babe is offering a special, limited edition version of our After Care Kit that includes a cute little carrying bag to hold all of the contents! Visit your local distributor by December 31st to check it out.

Got comments or questions? Leave them in the space below, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.



How to Make the Most of the Changing Seasons


A new season can mean a lot more than just a change in temperature. There are different holidays on your calendar, new fashions in the clothing racks, new foods in the produce isle, and, maybe most importantly, new items on your to-do list. Because as lovely and exciting as a new season can be, it can also be pretty stressful. As a stylist, chances are you’re gearing up to accommodate a busier schedule, with every customer demanding the latest style or trend spotted on the runway. So how do you make the most of it? Here are a couple of tips:

Prep your staff.
First up, huddle your stylists or coworkers together for a strategy session. Ideally, you should be having recurring meetings anyway, but it’s 110% necessary around season-shifting time. Talk about your expected client volume, how you’ll divvy up work, whether you need a waitlist, etc. Make sure that everyone knows what to expect in the coming weeks. And, if you’re going to be doing something special—like any of the things below—make sure you talk about all that, too.

Schedule sales for anticipated services.
If things are going to be crazy anyway, you might as well go all out. Lure even the most salon-shy customers to your seat with seasonal deals and/or discounts on recurring services. Make fall-pallette color jobs just a little bit cheaper than the rest, offer discounted summer blowouts for clients who bring their friends, or instate a 10% sale on trims, move-up appointments, and/or Instant Hair! Whatever the season calls for. And, if you’re extra-ambitious, you could even make an event out of it. Anyone up for a Halloween costume party at the salon? Winners get prizes!

Update your featured products.
New weather means new hair care concerns, so make sure that your featured products—the ones that are immediately visible to clients—cater to their current needs. Pull together your moisturizing serums and anti-frizz sprays for fall and winter, and your UV-protectants and texturizing sprays for spring and summer. If you have seasonally-themed products—like pumpkin spice-scented conditioner, rosewater spray, or the like—bring those to the forefront, too (after all, we’re all suckers for that pumpkin spice).

Introduce new offerings.
A new season is a great opportunity to roll out some new salon offerings, be they products or services. Adding a new extension method to your toolkit? Wrap it into your seasonal sales to incentivize your clients to jump onboard. They’re likely already hyped by all the new seasonal developments, so a new service could send their enthusiasm through the roof!

Honestly, one of the best parts of welcoming a new season into your salon has got to be the decorating. You know—making it feel like autumn, winter, spring, or summer, inside and out! Bring out the jack-o-lanterns, the holiday lights, the flowers, or the seashells! It’ll be a festive touch, not just for your clients, but also for you and the other stylists! You are the ones who spend most of your time in that space. Make it a place in which you enjoy working!

What are you doing in your salon to play up the changing season? Tell us in the comments below! And don’t forget to share pictures of your decorated salons with us!



Preparing for Hair Shows

preaparing for hair shows

We just got back from ISSE 2016 and we just want to thank everyone who stopped by our Babe Hair booth. Everyone who came by for a free installation, purchased hair, or stopped by just to say hi, we really appreciate you all! Thanks for fitting us into your schedule and hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we enjoyed having you. If this was your first rodeo, you probably didn’t know what to expect so I wanted to reach out to the “newbies” and share a couple of pointers in preparing to attend a hair show.

  • It’s an all day event so wearing comfortable shoes is definitely a first and a must (especially for the bigger shows). There’s always something going on on different stages, like demonstrations and competition which you may need to stand for.

  • If you’re only purchasing a one-day pass, hit the booths you’ve been planning on hitting first. There are so many booths, it’s easy to get distracted by all the fab and glamour going on. Make a list of your must-see booths and after you’ve accomplished your mission. Relax and enjoy all the activities that surround you.

  • Don’t miss out on education! Education is key to working smarter not harder and keeping up with the latest in trends. Even if you’ve been using a product for sometime, learn how the how-tos straight from the source. I bet there’s always a trick or two you’ll walk away with that you wouldn’t have otherwise known. This is also an opportunity to get familiar with a product you’ve been curious about. With Babe Hair, you’ll get hands on training and a chance to become certified with us, which then leads to other opportunities.

We are getting ready to hit Toronto’s Allied Beauty Association show February 28-29 and then we head to one of the BIGGEST shows of the year, International Beauty Show in New York March 6-8. Can’t wait to see more of our Babes.

Thanks for checking in this week. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, leave them in the comments below or call us at 888-840-2223. Until next week, have a fabulous weekend Babes! XO.



Babe New Product Alert: Instant Hair

new product alert

Guess what Babes? Babe Hair just released their newest product— Babe Instant Hair! Now you can get the same high quality hair without going through an online store. Get your perfect color match at any Babe Hair distributor and start showing off your new look right away with the new Clip-In extensions, Clip-In bangs, or Crown extensions. Most high-end clip-in extensions can only be found online. Babe has made it easier for you, the consumer, by making Instant Hair available to you so you no longer have to guess if you’ve ordered the right color or texture.

Stylists what does this mean for you? More business of course! Instant hair needs to be blended for a more natural look, not to mention, some clients will still want them colored for more dimension or an even better match. Just like you would charge for a cut or color you can make some extra income helping your client achieve the natural look with Instant Hair. You can also make a profit if you choose to stock and sell them. They would be perfect for the client who wants longer or thicker hair without the commitment of having hair extensions bonded, taped, or beaded to their natural hair. Some women just cannot get used to the feeling of having hair extensions for longer periods of time or are just simply too intimidated by the idea. This is a great way for them to give hair extensions a try… who knows, maybe they’ll want a more permanent look with Babe’s other methods like Fusion, Tape-Ins, or I-Tips.

Need more info? Click here. Otherwise, get your Instant Hair today and make sure to tag us on Facebook or Instagram for a feature of your new fabulous look!



Babe Lash Gift With Purchase

babe lash

Don’t you love the holidays? It’s the best time of the year because of the spirit of giving. And because we love all of our Babes, for the month of November AND December, we’re gifting you a free limited edition Babe Lash cosmetic travel bag with the purchase of 2mL or 4mL Eyelash Serum. But wait, not so fast! If you buy the 4mL you also get a Babe Lash Curler, so you might as well go big or go home, right?

Store all of your Babe Lash products in one place that has the Babe Lash label on it. Your Babe Lash Fiber Extend, Eyelash Serum, and Babe Lash mascara… sounds like music to my matching obsession ears!

If you’ve always wanted to try Babe’s Lash Serum, now is the perfect time. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with the way it makes your lashes stronger and longer. A word of advice, get the 4mL because you’ll need the eyelash curler for you new, longer lashes…

For more information about Babe Lash or to purchase, visit your nearest distributor.


Babe Vanity. Who Said Tough Couldn’t Be Pretty?

babe vanity

The word is out! Babe Hair has been working long and hard on a new item to hit the shelves in the coming weeks— Babe Vanity. A mirrored screen protector for your iPhone and Android. This little item is meant to replace your compact mirror, making it one last thing to carry in your purse (especially clutches). Designed to be sharp enough just like a mirror, you don’t have to check in the mirror for those gorgeous selfies anymore! Just look into your phone and get camera ready for that snapshot.

In the testing phase, we accidentally dropped a phone on cobblestone, and to our surprise, the screen was untouched when we were sure it was shattered! Most of us like to keep our phones looking new, so we invest in a good phone case and screen protector right? If you’re going to have a protector on your phone, why not get one that will serve a another purpose other than just a plastic cover?

We know you’ll love Babe Vanity as much as we enjoyed working on it. If you’re the queen of selfies we know for a fact you’ll be hooked! Pick one up next time you visit your distributor and tag us in your selfies on Instagram.



Eyelash Serum, Your Secret Weapon

eyelash serum your secret weapon

Last week we talked about our Babe Lash line so it’s only right that we follow up with a tip for our eyelash extension lovers. For those that haven’t tried eyelash extensions, you really should give these babies a try! Warning: You will become addicted. If you’re already an addict of these beautiful long batting eyelashes, tune in. We’ve got a secret to keeping them on just a tad bit longer before your next fill.

Babe’s Eyelash Serum! Yup that’s the big secret. Here’s the run down…

Your eyelashes have a growth cycle and each lash will grow to a certain length. Eventually, once the lash has reached the end of it’s cycle, it will fall out and be replaced by a new growing lash (which is why you’ll sometimes get those annoying lashes that fall in your eye or on your cheek). While we can go more into depth about each phase in the cycle, we don’t want to bore you so we’ll explain how the serum plays a huge part.

Each extension is attached to the root of your natural eyelash. So if it’s a lucky day, the lash extension attached to your natural eyelash will fall out because it was at the end of it’s cycle. Babe’s Eyelash serum works to strengthen each lash allowing them to grow longer, therefore, holding off from falling out, which then, you guessed it— allows you to push back those fill appointments. The lash extension will stay put a little longer because the natural lash won’t fall out as easily or as quickly. In other words, they will fall out eventually, just not as fast.

Still a little skeptical? We don’t blame you. The serum comes in a smaller size (2mL) so pick up a bottle the next time you visit your distributor and let us know what you think. You’ll definitely notice a difference, we pinky promise!