Wishing You a Lovely Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, you gorgeous Babe! We’re wishing you all the best that this season has to offer–at home, at work, and beyond! Thank you for being a Babe customer, and for keeping up with our antics here on the blog. Today, we’re going to keep things short and simple, so you can get back to that sumptuous meal that’s calling you…

Babe’s Thanksgiving Dos and Don’ts

Do flip your hair
because it’s fun, and it makes your hair look magical.

Do bat your eyes
to flaunt your lashes, but try to make it casual.

Do smile wide
cause ‘tis the season, and a smile matches any look.

And do please put your phone away.
It’s time for family–not Facebook.

But don’t get gravy in your tresses.
It’s bad for both the hair and food.

And don’t forget to count your blessings.
Here’s to looking great and feeling good!

See you in a week!

The Babe Team



Promoting Babe Lash for the Holidays

Long, sultry lashes will be all the rage this holiday season, and Babe Lash is here to get you and your clients ready for them. Between the Serum, the Mascaras, and the Liquid Eyeliner, Babe Lash products will give your client their dream lashes. But how do you get your clients to buy in? Here are some tips for selling these beauties in your salon this season.

Share the Testimonials
We constantly seek user feedback to improve our products and to publish alongside our promotional materials. You can find some of the resulting testimonials on our Before & Afters page. Print these out, then add your own clients’ testimonies to the list. And, of course, don’t forget to share that feedback on social media, too–and to tag @babe_lash in the process!


Display the Products
Another great way to promote Babe Lash in your salon is to feature the product on your shelves or directly on your salon counter. The packaging is sleek and stylish, if we do say so ourselves. Plus, each package comes with a small informational pamphlet which you can remove and prop up nearby the products–somewhere within arm’s length of the client so they can easily reach it.


Use the Products
The best evidence of a product’s success is the kind a client can see firsthand. Show them what it looks like to use Babe Lash for more than 4 weeks, or even how to apply it using yourself as a model. They’re more likely to invest in the product if they see results beforehand, and there’s something extra appealing about the things your stylist personally uses.


Display the Tote
This November-December, Babe Lash is offering a free clutch with purchase of Eyeliner, Serum and Mascara. The clutch in particular is a pretty little attention-grabbing item that can be resold for additional profit in your salon (if you aren’t tempted to keep it for yourself!). You can also carry the clutch with you like a moving advertisement.


Give Babe Lash as a Gift
When it comes to your most dedicated clients, consider rewarding them with a special holiday gift of Babe Lash Serum or Fiber Mascara. They’ll appreciate the gesture–which is a win in itself–but they’ll also likely try the product out and discover its transformative potential. It’s only a matter of time until they come back to replace their empty tubes.


Do you sell Babe Lash in your salon? If so, share a picture of your inventory or display on social media with the hashtag #BabeLash. We love to see how you arrange our products in your space, and with your seasonal decorations!



How To Make Money on Halloween

Halloween is among our favorite times of year, because we can dress outlandishly and totally get away with it! It’s also a great opportunity to attract some extra business, and we have some tips to help you do just that.

Seems simple, right? Most of us like to decorate our spaces for purely personal enjoyment, but it’s also great for entertaining clients and giving them a break from the same-old same-old. Plus, it can draw the attention of would-be clients who would’ve walked right past your storefront otherwise. One decoration staple we like around Halloween is a “Cousin Itt” hair extension holder (try it with a Styrofoam Mannequin Head)!


Dress Up
Complement your decorations with elaborate costumes. Remember that you still need to get your work done safely, so don’t incorporate anything that obstructs your sight or your hands. The hair, of course, will be the most important part. Use hair extensions to create your look, so you can show your clients what can be achieved with this versatile product.


Feature a Sale
Sales help to get people into your chair–particularly those that you may not have seen in awhile. Just make sure that your selected sale is compelling enough to actually do the job. Consider something thematically appropriate, like discounted funky colors for Halloween makeovers, or complimentary styles with a cut and color. You can make the sale extra engaging by creating a social media challenge or event beforehand that requires your followers to uncover the sale details amongst your other content. That way you have them looking through your entire feed as you build excitement and anticipation for the sale!


Host a Soirée
For those of you who have the space and the resources, a Halloween party is a really fun way to bring business into your salon. In addition to your regular services, provide your customers with snacks, face painting, nail design, discounted single extension strands, and maybe even a costume contest or raffle where the winner receives a hair extension installation free of labor cost (that is, paying just for the hair extensions themselves).


Gauge Interest
If you enjoy this Halloween experience and decide you want to stage similar events for other holidays, be sure to ask your clients whether they’d be up for that, too! You can even create a preemptive contact list that indicates which clients you should notify in advance for future happenings. Give it a cute name, like the “Hair Fair” or “Babe Brigade”, and send out periodic updates and correspondence to keep the participants engaged. You may find that some customers become so involved that they help you to organize future events in exchange for exclusive perks!


What are you doing in your salon this Halloween? Are you including Babe in your costume? Tell us all the details in the comments below!



Happy Fall from Babe!

September 23rd marks the first day of fall, and we’re so excited to bring out all our seasonal decorations, outfits, and recipes! It was a busy summer here at Babe, with new red extension colors, new extension tools, and more! But there’s plenty to look forward to in the months ahead, and we want to give you a quick overview of what’s coming up soon…

This month marks the beginning of our new Starter Kit offering, which will remain in effect from now on. Save $80 on the cost of all your hair extension tools with the Deluxe Starter Kit, and receive 50% off Online Education when you buy any of our Starter Kits. Besides the Deluxe, we also offer Tape-In, Beaded, and Fusion kits.

Next month we’re hitting up Premiere Beauty Classic in Columbus, Ohio, then Premiere Birmingham in Alabama shortly thereafter. These regional trade shows are so much fun, and we always look forward to offering our live hair extension classes and free installations to you all! Get in on the action and reserve your spot early—you can sign up for Premiere Beauty Classic installations here, and Premiere Birmingham installations right here.

We have some treats planned for the holiday season, too, but it’s still too early to be thinking about that! As always, we’ll keep you up-to-date on all Babe happenings right here, so you’ll never miss a beat. In the meantime, we want to wish you a happy and beautiful fall. May all your leaves be magical, and may all your spiced chais be divine!

The Babe Team



Redhead Color Inspiration

Have you gotten a chance yet to work with our newest red extension shades? If you’re still looking for an excuse to try them out, look no further than these beautiful redhead color inspirations. Just grab a willing client, a couple of packs of Babe’s red extensions (you can choose from Colette (#99J), Betsy (#3R), Vivian (Red Wine), Emmie (#5R), Ruby (#30/33), and GiGi (#38)), and some hair color (if necessary), then start re-creating these beauties in your salon today!

Burgundy or Plum

Extension shades
Colette (#99J)
Betsy (#3R)
Whitney (Dark Purple)

Mix the sultry, chocolate-y red shade of Colette (#99J) with Whitney (Dark Purple) for a beautiful burgundy/plum color, then temper it with Betsy (#3R) for a natural touch.

Red Velvet

Extension shades
Vivian (Red Wine)
Emmie (#5R)
Beverly (Burgundy)

Start with a base of Vivian (Red Wine) to establish the velvety color, then throw in some Emmie (#5R) for dimension. If you want extra red richness, mix in some Beverly (Burgundy) strands throughout the bottom layer of hair.

Carrot Red

Extension shades
Ruby (#30/33)
GiGi (#38)

Achieve this bright and earthy look by blending our medium-toned Ruby (#30/33) with her lighter-toned cousin, GiGi (#38).

Golden Red

Extension shades
GiGi (#38)
Cindy (#24)

Use a majority of GiGi (#38) to establish an underlying maple-y hue, then throw in some golden blonde strands of Cindy (#24) to lighten and brighten the look.

Ombre Red

Extension shades
Ruby (#30/33)
Kymberly (Ombre 4-613)
Nina (Ombre 2-27A)

Lay down a base of Ruby (#30/33), then alternate between Kymberly (Ombre 4-613) and Nina (Ombre 2-27A) as you move up the head. For bonus points, color the top section of the Ruby extensions to a #3R shade, and incorporate them into the top layers, too. (You can see how to dye hair extensions using an ombre technique in this Babe video!)

Ready to get started? Pick up our new red extension colors at your local distributor today! They’re available right now.



Business Tips for the 4th of July

This one goes out to our stylists based in the U.S.A.—Happy almost-Independence Day! Here at Babe, we’re donning our brightest of reds, bluest of blues, and most brilliant of whites, and gearing up to celebrate the 4th with a slice of meat and some sparklers. But before we do that, we want to share some more practical tips that can bring the festivities from the backyard to the salon, and fill your pockets with a little bit of green, while you’re at it.

Install single red, white (platinum), and blue extensions
Take a page from our trade show events and install individual flag-colored strands for $5 a piece. It’s a fun way for clients of all ages to participate in the holiday, and it’s a simple way to generate some extra cash in your salon. Plus, it’ll introduce more of your clients to Babe hair extensions, and potentially pave the way to more thorough transformations later.

Style newly cut ‘dos in traditional American hairstyles.
Top off your typical services with a complimentary style, or offer these styles as a distinct service for a limited time. You can give clients the choice of various all-American hairdos, like the Gibson Girl, Marcel waves, pompadours, and (our favorite) victory rolls. The time expense will be well-worth it when your clients share their enthusiasm with all their friends.

Bring in some ice cream for your clients to snack on.
If there’s one thing we learned in college, it’s that people will gather around the prospect of free food. Wrangle in your tardy or ambivalent clients by tempting them with this small but delicious added perk—for a limited time, only! The great thing is that you can make your own at relatively little cost, so this tactic can work in lieu of a sale.

Simulate a block party
Part of the beauty of the 4th of July is getting together with large groups of people—sometimes your entire neighborhood—and throwing an old-fashioned soirée. Take all the tips mentioned above and combine them into a spectacular 4th of July event, then invite your friends and family to stop in for some strands and styles of their own. You could even partner up with other local businesses (like the restaurant down the street or the bakery next door) to offer a wider range of products and services, then charge admission per person at the door. Make it an event that you and your clients will remember fondly, or a recurring thing that they look forward to every year!

Tried one of these tips? Let us know how it went in the comments below!



Summer-Smart Hairstyles

We love chic little updos for the summer—not only are they beyond cute, but they do an excellent job of keeping our necks cool and shielding our mid-lengths and ends from seasonal wear-and-tear. So if you or your clients are looking for some styling inspiration, check out these popular ‘dos: some of them will likely be your go-tos for the entire season!

Milkmaid Braid
We love this look throughout the year, but it’s especially useful during the summer when we want to keep our hair and hair extensions tucked up and out of the way.

Ballerina Bun
This elegant hairstyle suits just about any occasion, and it elevates any outfit! Bonus is that you can easily work out in this one, just like ballerinas do.

Go all-in on elegance with this super-refined chignon. Perfect for brunches, teas, and also business events, the chignon will keep your ends tied up and your style on point for the entire summer.

Top Knot
This easy and fashionable style works well with just about everything, from pajamas to salon attire and everywhere in-between. Plus, it infuses your look with an effortless quality, à la “I woke up like this.

Simple Twist
Accomplish this look by tying a scarf around the crown of your client’s head and wrapping strands of their hair around the scarf. Best part is that this will naturally curl the hair, too!

You can find even more hairstyle inspiration on our various Pinterest boards. Check them out today, and let us know your favorites in the comments below!



Graduation Season


Right now in the U.S., Pomp and Circumstance is playing on repeat. Students are packing their bags, putting away their textbooks, and donning their graduation gowns for a brisk march and a long ceremony that’ll initiate them into the next phase of their life as adults. It’s an interesting and overwhelming time, and stylists, as always, are there to make sure it’s beautiful, too. Whether it’s styling for the graduation itself or giving a young person an all-new look to commemorate their new life, graduation season presents a number of opportunities for growth and activity in your salon. So what should you do to seize them?

Schedule a targeted sale.
Offering graduating seniors a discount on hair services and/or aftercare products is a sure-fire way to attract new customers to your salon. A little attention and recognition can go a long way towards validating a client and fostering a positive relationship with them, so make it clear that you acknowledge their achievements and want to celebrate with them in the form of a well-placed sale!

Feature graduating students in your community.
Another, more personal way to recognize your graduating clients and make your salon a celebratory space is to feature their pictures, stories, and/or style transformations in the salon itself. Ask your clients whether they’d be willing to share these details, and offer them a reward or incentive for doing so! For example, you could select a few and give them full, complimentary makeovers, then show off the before & afters. This works as a promotion tactic, too.

Mentor a young stylist.
One distinct aspect of graduation season is a subtle-yet-persistent energy (sometimes bordering on anxiety) that comes from a whole new generation of young talent looking for something new to fill their time and bank accounts. Bring this energy and talent into your salon by mentoring a recent or soon-to-be grad who’s interested in hair and hair extensions. It’s the best form of training, for you and the student, and it could potentially produce a dedicated employee for your salon in the future.

Go back to school.
When it comes to new lives and new opportunities, it’s not just students who have all the fun. You can always return to school, get more training, or develop your career, too, and Babe has numerous resources to help you do just that. Sign up for a Mastery Tour or dealer class to interact with other top stylists and perfect your craft, or tag along with us to a Trade Show and help install hair extensions as a Babe show stylist. The next phase of your career is just around the corner.

Click here to learn more about Babe events and education opportunities.



How to Use Easter Eggs in Your Salon


Easter eggs are not only for kids. Many companies use them as a marketing strategy to add a little bit of surprise and excitement to an otherwise ordinary affair or transaction. This Easter season, we’re going to share some ways you can incorporate this fun little feature into your salon!

Hidden coupons.
Have you ever thought about hiding a discount coupon inside of the magazines in your salon’s waiting area? Or sneaking a free product offer into a little-noticed area of the mirror? As opposed to a generic ad or promotion, Easter eggs like these seem more serendipitous and personal for clients who happen upon them, and can produce the kinds of gratifying feelings that encourage shopping. Reward your customers for their presence, patience, and attention with an incentive to invest further in your business.

Tailored messages.
Show your clients some gratitude with discreet “thank you” notes or brighten up their day with secret affirmations. One example that we particularly like is posting a small sign on the wall opposite the mirrors (that the client can see when they look into the mirror) with the text “Hello, beautiful!” or “Thank you for being here!” printed in reverse so that the client can read it easily via the reflection.

Little invitations.
If you have a salon event in mind that demands a limited number of attendees, or if you want to generate interest in an event by making it seem secret or exclusive, consider hiding your invitations as Easter eggs around the salon. Tape it to the ceiling above the washing stations, pin it to the inside of your client’s smock, or leave it in the bathroom underneath the bar of soap. Include messaging that indicates that your client has found something secret and special, like “Congratulations,” “Good eye!,” or even, “Psssst….have you heard about such-and-such event?,” so that they don’t mistake the Easter egg for just another discarded piece of paper.

There are many variations of these ideas that you can try out in your salon. Come up with a symbol that you hide in multiple unnoticed places around your salon, then offer a discount to anyone who asks about it. If you have a website, hide a graphic, image, or link that leads your user to a special offer. Tape a hidden promo to the back of a random aftercare product for the buyer to discover later. Let your imagination go wild!

And don’t forget to take advantage of our current Babe Tag sale and the colorful little discounts that go with it! Just purchase a Babe Color Swatch from your local distributor and find three distinct discount tags inside. Enjoy!



Spring Cleaning Tips


Spring is in the air! It’s finally time to ditch the coats, boots, and styles of winter for lighter, fresher pieces, and to freshen up our salon spaces, too! But if you’re new to the spring cleaning game, don’t fret. Today, we’ll feature some of our go-to spring cleaning tips that help us in the salon, the office, and at home!

Pace yourself.
It might be tempting to conquer the entire room in one go, but oftentimes you’ll end up burning yourself out before you even finish. To make sure you stay at it, recognize that spring cleaning is a process—not a single task or action—and approach it piece-by-piece. Focus on cleaning the mirrors and windows one day, and emptying out the supply closet the next. Don’t bite off more than you can chew all at once.

Shed the excess.
We always recommend emptying the space out a little bit before you really get into the thick of cleaning and organizing. Pull your items from the shelves, empty out some drawers, and go through your inventory to get everything in view. Then, dispose of any expired products, identify any unused tools and gift them to someone else, and evaluate which products are selling well and which ones aren’t. This is your time to get rid of anything that’s not serving you, and to free up some salon space in the process.

Deep clean.
Once you’ve cleared the stuff off of all your surfaces, go to town with the soap and disinfectant. Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to do a really thorough inspection of your salon, and you’ll be surprised to see just how dirty and grimy places can be even in spite of regular cleaning. Polish the floor, get into the nooks and crannies, reach into the light fixtures—go everywhere. You’ll feel great when you see your salon looking as good as new.

Fix what’s broken.
If there’s a chair in your salon that squeaks when you turn it, or a chip in the mirror at the very corner of the frame, now’s the time to finally fix it (or replace it, if necessary). Revisit all of your tools, containers, furniture items, and other frequently-used things to make sure that they’re in full working order, then set whatever’s out of shape to one side so you can address it immediately.

Take inventory.
If you don’t have an inventory system in place in your salon, now is a good time to set one up! An inventory system includes everything from the way your products are organized, the means by which they’re replenished, and the documents you keep to review all of your stock at a glance. A simple but effective system could involve just a tidy inventory closet, an Excel spreadsheet, and maybe a whiteboard shopping list. While you’re creating/updating your inventory lists, take the time to thoroughly review your stock and strategize for the future. You may find that you’re missing some of Babe’s newest tools, or that you’re chronically running low on a few select extension colors.

When you’re ready to place all of your knick-knacks and products back into their vested places, think critically about your existing organization scheme, and whether there are any ways to improve the layout of your space or salon to improve your workflow. Place your most-used items within easy reach, highlight certain products by giving them a place of prominence, or keep a small selection of hair extensions at your desk to spark conversations about Babe. Changing up the arrangement of your items can have dramatic effects!

Create new systems.
Cleaning doesn’t end when spring is over, and it’s worth thinking about your ongoing cleaning routines so you can maintain an efficient and beautiful salon year-round. Create a schedule that addresses every area of your salon in the long run (ex. wash floors one Saturday, clean tools the next), then stick to it. Also, consider updating your waste disposal practices. Cut hair and used extensions can be reused in many ways, and for many purposes, including as test strands, pillow stuffing, oil absorbers, rope, doll hair, etc. Give old hair new life while preventing unnecessary waste. It’s a win-win!

Is your salon looking all sparkly and new after your spring cleaning session? Share some pictures of the results on Babe’s Instagram account!