Micro Bonding with Fusion Extensions – Amazing Before & Afters!

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Last week we talked in-depth about our groundbreaking new installation technique: Micro Bonding. Micro Bonding involves cutting a single Fusion extension into a series of smaller Micro Bonds which can be installed on smaller sections of the client’s hair, promising less weight, greater precision, and more flexibility than ever before, and even enabling you to install in the crown area and hairline! This week, though, we’re going to show you just what you can achieve with these tiny little Fusion bonds. Because a picture’s worth a thousand words, right?


Angie used Micro Bonds to fix her mid-length and ends, and to bring excitement to a boring style.


Glen used Micro Bonds to fill in his aging, thinning hair.


Kalee used Micro Bonds to grow out a short hairstyle and add excitement to her ‘do.

You can see more jaw-dropping Micro Bond before & afters at our Everything But Length Portal, and enroll in our new Online Education course to learn how to recreate the transformations yourself! The possibilities are endless, and we’re excited to see what you’ll create.



Happy Hair, Happy Holidays!


Last week we went over how to defend your hair (and your clients’ hair) from the winter weather. This week, we want to see how your beautiful transformations are standing up to the cold! Christmas is only a few days away, as are Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, and we’re sure that many of our Babes are already picking out their outfits and dolling up for the upcoming holiday festivities. Our hair extensions will be making an appearance from coast to coast and party to party, and we want to be in on the fun!

Submit your holiday hairdo photos to Babe’s Facebook and Instagram pages, and we may feature your look for the entire Babe community. These can be photos of you, or consensual photos of your clients. Either way, be sure to comment on the extension method, length, and color used for the hairstyles, so we can include those details in the caption.

Need some inspiration? Head over to our Pinterest page and browse our many boards to get your creative juices flowing. We’ve got a board for swanky hairstyles, braids, buns, and overall great looks, so you’re sure to find something that’ll pique your interest!

Whatever your style or creed, we’re wishing you the warmest and happiest of holidays, complete with the best hair of the year! We can’t wait for the pics.




How to Master Tape-In Updos


When it comes to styling hair extensions, Tape-In can be a little bit different than I-Tip or Fusion. That’s because, while I-Tip and Fusion extensions are strand-by-strand methods, Tape-In is a weft method, involving a wider piece of hair that lays flush to the head. The weft nature of Tape-In is what makes it so light and comfortable to wear, though it’s also responsible for adding a slight limitation on mobility—especially with up-do hairstyles. But that doesn’t need to be a problem. With a little bit of foresight and a couple of tricks, you can put those Tape-In locks into any shape or position your heart desires. Here’s how:

Ask in advance
During the consultation phase of your hair extension process, ask your client how they’d like to wear their hair while they’re using hair extensions. Get a sense of how your client typically wears their hair, how frequently they style it or change up their style, and figure out if they have any big events coming up that would call for a more specific ‘do. Not only will this give you the information you need for deciding on the best installation strategy (or even method), but it could also pave the way to a pre-scheduled styling appointment for said event.

Round out your parts
If your client likes to throw their hair into an up-do now and then, try taking making your parts a little rounder. Rather than draw a straight line through the hair, draw a slight “U” shape so the part looks like a smile, with the line extending upward toward the ears. That way, when the hair is pulled back, the Tape-In wefts will fold naturally in the direction of the ponytail.

Shimmy your strands
Let’s say your up-do calls for some difficult maneuvering. Rather than brush the extensions upward (which could flatten the hair and emphasize wayward wefts), pull the hair back so that it sits naturally, then gradually shimmy the bundle to your desired place. The Tape-In wefts will respond better to this gentle coaxing, and will therefore blend more easily into the hair. It helps if the style you’re re-creating is somewhat loose, though you can definitely coax the wefts into tauter styles, too (with some patience!).

Hack your styles
Sometimes your up-do can be re-configured to suit the Tape-In placement, rather than the other way around. Whether you’re working with a bridal up-do, a regal bun, or any performance hairstyle, most styles feature many variations that make the look more accessible to women with different hair situations. Try looking online for some inspiration, then let your creativity lead you!

Fill in
When all else fails, you can always use hair fillers—like bun fillers, braid headbands, or even Clip-In extensions—to fake the look that you’re trying to achieve. These tools can sit on top of any unruly or obvious Tape-In wefts, hiding them from view. You can even use these as a guide for the Tape-In extensions, wrapping the Tape-In hair over top so that they lay flat and even. No fuss, guaranteed!

Have you ever styled Tape-In hair into a difficult ‘do? Share your pictures by tagging us on Babe’s Instagram! We love to see your fabulous work!



Hair Extension Before & Afters!


A good before & after photo is a stylist’s business card, advertisement, and portfolio entry. It’s a little detail that amounts to a big deal when it comes to lasso-ing in new clients. We’ve talked about before & afters before, including professional tips for snapping the perfect photo when the occasion strikes. Now, we’re going to show you some good examples, because who doesn’t like a little bit of inspiration? Here are some recent Babe before & after photos, performed and submitted by none other than our lovely Babe stylists. Find more on our Instagram page, and feel free to submit your own while you’re at it!

For that beautiful pop of color:

For that miracle hair-revival:



For that totally new look:


See more or submit your own at Babe Instagram!


Short Cut Season

short cut

It seems like every time we check social media, another celebrity has chopped off her hair into the latest hair trend—the long bob. Don’t worry Babe Hair stylists, you can bank on this trend too! You may be asking, “How? Extensions aren’t meant to be chopped off.” And you’re absolutely right about that. But once upon a time, in the summer of 2015, pixie cuts and short bobs were in, I mean REALLY in. But now the “in” cut seems to be the long bob… again.

Here’s where your skills come in. Those pixie cut clients are most likely trying to grow their hair out to follow the trend. Let them know they don’t have to wait! You’re a master Babe Hair stylist who can give them the look today while they wait for their natural hair to grow out. We do suggest that their natural hair be at least to their occipital bone. This is not to say it can’t be done. We have seen pixie cuts turn into a-line cuts and long bobs. It depends on where you’re at with your extensions and blending skill level.

Also, because you’re not going too long in length (you should be using 12 or 14 inch Babe Hair for this look), there’s an upsell and an upside to it— it’s less expensive than 18 or 22 inch hair packs. Now let’s say your client already has the length she wants on her long bob, does she have the volume? A pack or two can definitely make a difference and give her more styling options. It’s an ideal way to introduce hair extensions to a client that has never worn them before.

If you’d like to see how other Babe Hair stylists do it, follow our Instagram page. If you don’t see the details in the caption, make sure you @ the stylist so they can respond with all the deets.

For any Babe Hair questions, leave them in the comments below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks Babes! xo.




Perfect Timing for Hair Extensions

perfect timing

The hair trend for the past few seasons has been “messy” hair. No longer are we seeing the super slick ponytails or slick middle part. This is awesome news for Babe Hair extension wearers because this means less heat, product, styling, and tugging on your bonds. Meaning, they will stay healthier much longer.

Contrary to other beliefs,  Babe Hair extensions can assist in growing your client’s natural hair. How? Since your client has invested money in their hair extensions, they tend to be more careful with their hair. That, added to the rules of maintaining hair extensions, leads to success in growing out their own longer locks. Rules such as: don’t wear tight ponytails, buns, or braids, don’t wash your hair too often, let your hair extensions air dry, and brush your extensions in sections—help their natural hair feel less stress, tugging, and breakage. By not washing too often, their scalp gives off the oils their hair needs to maintain its healthy shine and strength.

So, if you have a client that has been putting off hair extensions, now is the time to give her that little nudge she needs to try them. Show her how to get those “messy” looks while she wears them and how to be gentle on her hair. She’ll thank you for it when she sees how much longer her natural hair has gotten.

Have a Babe Hair question? Let us know!



Going Light for the Summer

Going light

Sun’s out, which means it’s the season for adding sun-kissed tones to our hair color, and that usually means going light. Whether your client is choosing to go completely light or just some, here is your chance as a stylist to introduce her to a new world: the world of hair extensions. There are many of us who envy the gal who is able to change her hair color every month but who are not willing to put our hair through the chemical process. Babe Hair has so many options for many different hair types and one of our goals is to provide the safest alternative to color. So, next time you’re providing a color service, think about the other options you have with Babe Hair and explore these options with your client for her summer makeover.

Highlights? Why put the natural hair through the chemical process when you can just get a couple of packs of I-Tips, Fusion, or even Tape-Ins. Yes, even Tape-Ins can be cut into highlight size. This is also a great way to get a client who has never worn hair extensions to try a couple packs. When you think about it, the cost is about the same.

Ombre? If you haven’t heard, Ombre hair extensions are available at Babe Hair. If you’ve visited your distributor lately, you’ve most likely to seen them in their new packaging. If you haven’t seen them yet, don’t worry, the official Babe Hair ombre launch is next month. Oops we spilled the beans—look at it as a perk for reading our weekly tips; you’re a Babe Hair insider!

All of Babe Hair products are meant to be safe on every hair type. But it’s only 100% safe if the stylist is using the product properly. So, if you would like to start offering these color options for your client but aren’t quite familiar with our products, your distributor is a great resource. They are educated in Babe Hair, can introduce you to Babe and our product line, and some will even provide hands-on classes for you.

Find your nearest distributor here.



Recreating Your Hair Extensions

Recreating your hair extensions

If you thought you had to wear your hair extensions the same way throughout their duration, think again. As a stylist this can also be your selling point. Most of us are compulsive and want the new hair trend that’s happening at the moment. Well, just because you’ve purchased a set of hair extensions doesn’t mean you can’t re-create your own look with the same set.

Color. Yes, we keep talking about color and we’ll stop when color trends do. If you’re a pro at coloring, not only can you charge for a reinstallation, you can also charge for a custom color job before the next reinstallation. You can make some extra income while your client enjoys the new color she’s been wanting to switch over to without having to buy a different set of hair extensions. WIth proper care, Babe Hair is meant to last a really long time. You can switch colors after several months for a fresher look, or to match the color of the season. If you don’t know which colors are safe to use, ask your local Babe distributor, and always do a strand test to make sure the hair can take it. Remember never to lift, only deposit color!

Cut. Although the whole purpose of buying hair extensions is for the length, there will be some clients who are tired of the same style and need a small change. Cutting the hair extensions into dramatic layers or trimming a small amount for a more edgy-look might be an option for them. Trimming the ends of the hair extensions can also help keep the hair looking smooth by getting rid of those fried ends due to over-styling from heat tools. Those long bobs are in style now and so very tempting. So if it’s the last reinstallation of the year and your client is still trying to grow out that pixie while getting on trend… why not?

Style. Have you ever seen faux bangs? Or how about a long bob made with super long hair? Tricks like these can open so many possibilities for new looks. Try giving your client a couple of pointers on how to be versatile with her new hair. There are so many styling possibilities with hair extensions, it would be a shame not to use them to their full potential.

Hair extensions are meant to add length, volume, and creativity to match your client’s personality. If you have a favorite way to revamp hair extensions or would like to know how, please comment in the box below!



Be Unique in the Hair Extension Biz with Custom Color

Be Unique

Being Babe Hair-certified means you’ve taken the right step in becoming one of the best in the business. Why? Because at Babe Hair we not only stand by our product, we stand by our stylists. We provide you with the best tools to keep you outshining the rest, starting with the best quality of hair in the market. We know it’s a competitive business for us as much as it is for you as the stylist. So what can set you apart from the rest? Let’s start with color.

If you haven’t been comfortable with custom coloring, now would be a great time to put some practice in and jump on the wagon. The top stylists with the most followers on social media, who also happen to have a large clientele, get that way in part because of their custom coloring skills. Coloring can be very tricky, and it takes a lot of skill and knowledge, especially when it comes to coloring hair extensions. You don’t want to ruin hundreds of dollars-worth of extensions, which is why we always recommend doing a test strand.

Some coloring formulas are too harsh for hair extensions, just like bleach on natural hair can be really harsh. Therefore, before coloring a whole batch of hair, make sure you do one strand only to find out how the hair will react. If it goes bad, you should try a different line of color products. It’s very important that you master your coloring skills before attempting a color job. Part of being a master is becoming very familiar with the coloring formula and the color line of products that are safe for hair extensions.

Babe recommends that you only use a semi- or demi-permanent hair color. Never lift color, but deposit it. When depositing, make sure you keep within two shades of the hair’s original color. While these guidelines are recommended by Babe, it doesn’t mean you can’t put your own creativity to work. To see how stylists are coloring their Babe Hair extensions, follow these stylists on instagram: @hairbyrubiking, @carlyraelawrenson, @aklounge, and @cortneypinion.

Got a favorite color line you like to use on your Babe Hair extensions? Drop it in the comments below; we’d like to pass it along to our fellow Babes!

rubi king carly lawrenson

aklounge cortneypinion



Never Too Old To Be a Babe

never too old

Who said you’re too old for hair extensions? Did you know that longer hair can take years away? It’s true. A long time ago, a rule was started— “the older in age, the shorter the hair.” But that’s actually bad advice. When you shorten your hair, you attract more attention to every line and wrinkle since it calls more attention to your facial features. Before you think you’re too old for hair extensions, consider some of these reasons you’re not. Always ask your stylist for suggestions as to what method is best to use on your hair type.

Thicker hair. As some women age, their hair gets thinner. If you’ve experienced a loss in volume or wish your hair was as thick as it once was, adding a few hair extension pieces can make all the difference in the world. Our Tape-In hair extensions are ideal for thinner hair. You don’t necessarily have to get a full head installed; you can opt to get just a few. Best thing about using hair extensions for thickness is that it’s a safe alternative if installed and removed properly. By adding a few pieces, it’s also budget friendly. You save money on the installation time and you don’t have to buy as many bags of hair. Is there a con to this reason? No, but there are many pros!

Color. Solid colors, especially dark colors, can also make you look older because they have no dimension. The secret to using your hair to help you look younger is to give it tons of dimension through a variety of highlights. You should usually go 2 tones lighter than your natural color; never go too light as this can also backfire and add years to your look. Through hair extensions, you can add as much dimension as you want or need without putting your hair through the chemical process of coloring your hair.

Cover-ups. If you have a small area of balding, hair extensions can be used to cover it up. They have to be strategically placed but it can be done. Consult your stylist to get an opinion if you will need a full head or if just a pack or two will get the job done.

If you’d like more information about this topic, we’re sure your stylist will be more than happy to answer any questions. You can also leave your questions or concerns in the comments below.