We’re Grateful For…


Happy Thanksgiving, you beautiful Babes! We know you’re in the middle of preparing your turkey, setting your table, or visiting with family you’ve traveled to see, but we wanted to quickly drop in and let you know that we are SO grateful to have you as a customer (or even just a loyal reader!). You help us learn and thrive, and we’re inspired every day by the gorgeous transformations you create using our hair extension products. Do you know just how valuable you are? We really hope you do.

We’re gearing up for a bright and festive holiday season here at Babe, complete with month 2 of our ongoing seasonal promotions! So once you’re all set with your feasting and merrymaking activities, head over to your local distributor to browse the deals:

– Limited edition After Care Kit (complete with chic carrying bag!)
– 15% off all Instant Hair
– Free Babe Lash Skinny Clutch and Luxe Lash Separator with purchase of 2mL Serum and Volumizing Mascara

And don’t forget to check out our new Instant Hair displays or the latest additions to our line of tools: the Hair Organizer and Styrofoam Mannequin Head.

Thank you for all that you do!

The Babe Team



Are Hair Extensions Common?


Babe Hair Extensions have been around for a little while now—not that we’re old or anything. In the years that we’ve been in business, we’ve seen lots of changes in the industry that we occupy, including a wider acceptance of hair extensions as a normal and even popular method for increasing the length, volume, and wow-factor of clients’ hair. Now, celebrities unabashedly share their hair extension stories, magazines and online publications give their readers hair extension-related advice, and we can’t help but wonder…are hair extensions common knowledge now?

In some ways, they kind of are. The mystique that used to surround hair extensions has all but vanished, replaced by studies estimating the value and projected growth of the hair extension industry. There aren’t any more extension scandals, really, partly because hair extensions are not surprising to beauty audiences, and partly because celebrities are able to select from a wide pool of stylists to get the job done right, avoiding the unsightly mistakes of early adopters. The most telling indicator of extension “commonality” is how extensions are now mentioned in the same breath as hair care products and tools, where once they were considered closer to plastic surgery (in the sense of artificial body modification).

On the other hand, it’s worth noting the proportion of hair extension-related content online. It’s not exactly a “trending topic,” and celebrities don’t necessarily go out of their way to mention that they’re wearing them. By nature, hair extensions are still designed to be concealed. Even when they are brought up, though, it’s unclear whether audiences see them as an obtainable commodity. Beauty enthusiasts might see hair extensions as an acceptable or desirable phenomenon, but they also might view them as a luxury—closer to an expensive spa outing than a beauty staple.

Of course, “common” is a loaded word. Some stylists might read it as a low and undesirable thing—you territorial trendsetters and hipsters out there might scoff at the idea of your niche becoming mainstream. Others might read it as good news—a kind of recognition that’ll bring your specialty to the forefront. Regardless of how you feel about the current place of hair extensions in the beauty world, it’s important to ask yourself these kinds of questions and investigate the general reception of your work so you can tailor your marketing to your new and developing audiences. Things are changing out there—it’s your job to make the best of it. None of this “for the worse” nonsense.

Do you think hair extensions are becoming a common phenomenon? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for next week’s blog post, where we’ll talk about branding your extension services in more detail.



Babe Hair Goes to Long Beach

babe goes to long beach

We’ve just landed in Long Beach for one of the biggest hair shows of the year, International Salon and Spa Expo at the Long Beach Convention Center. If you’ve been curious about our products or have wanted to get some really awesome hands-on training, come check us out at our booth January 30-February 1. Here’s a little insight of what goes on at our hair shows:

Free installation. As long as you purchase the hair at the show, we will put them in for you right then and there— absolutely FREE! Get your hair done straight from the source, you’re guaranteed to have the best Babe Hair experience.  Not only will you save on installation cost, Babe Hair products are also discounted at a special show price! Tell me that’s not a deal. Babe Hair is rarely discounted so definitely stop by and take advantage of this sale price. Stock up if you need to, I know I would…

Get answers to your questions. Each stylist at the Babe Hair booth is 100% certified with us. They are extremely knowledgeable in all Babe Hair products. Get any and all of your questions answered by one of us. Due to so many free installation sign ups, it’s almost certain that you’ll catch us in action during a live installation. Feel free to sit in on an installation to become more familiar with the process and don’t be scared to ask us questions. That’s what we’re here for!

Get certified. We provide some pretty amazing hands-on training classes on all hair extension methods. We’ll teach you the complete ins and outs for successful installations each time. Even if you think you know hair extensions, I’m telling you, you will learn something new. Want to know what Flat-Tips are and their installation process? We’ve got that covered. Improve your services by becoming certified with Babe Hair and you’ll for sure see an increase in your revenue.

We’d love to have you Babes stop by and check out our newly designed booth. Come say hi and enjoy a fresh bag of popcorn (from our awesome pink popcorn cart) while you watch all of the Babe Hair excitement!



Finding a Certified Babe Hair Stylist

finding a stylist

At Babe Hair, we work hard to make sure we’re providing you with the best quality of hair and tools that you need to have the best hair extension experience as a client and as a stylist. Not only do we try to provide the best quality in products, we also try to provide top-of-the-line education for stylists so they can provide top-of-the-line hair extension services. Together with your distributor, we want to make sure you’re more than happy with Babe Hair.

As a client. If you’re looking for a stylist who specializes in Babe Hair, the best place to look is on our stylist directory. Just select your location and you will see a drop down menu of different stylists who are certified directly through us. Meaning, they’ve taken extensive courses that makes them specifically Babe Hair pros. Your distributors are also a great resource because they do business with a lot of Certified Babe Hair stylists, and they will for sure have some referrals for you.

As a stylist. To make sure you’re using Babe Hair products to their full potential, we recommend taking advantage of our hands-on Mastery Tour classes. Some of your distributors are also providing these hands-on classes for stylists to become better at their Babe Hair skills. These classes provide knowledge in troubleshooting and new extension methods, and give you more confidence to provide the perfect blending, placement, removal, and even coloring services! That’s why, when the course is done, we know you’re a true Babe Hair pro and we want to make sure that clients are looking you up in the stylist directory. Just like you trust us to provide great products, we trust you to provide the best Babe Hair services.

Have a Babe Hair question? Let us know!



Improving Your Hair Extension Services

improving your hair extension services

There’s no feeling like the feeling you get when your client leaves your chair with a fresh new set of hair extensions. The goal is 100% satisfaction as they leave the chair, but let’s face it, every once in awhile you come across a client that isn’t completely satisfied with their new look. However, if you utilize the feedback you receive from these clients in a constructive way, you can help turn them into raving fans and improve your future hair extension services. To help ensure you’re doing everything to make your client happy, try these easy steps.

Ask. Give your client a chance to speak up after the services. The goal is to make sure she leaves your chair happy. So if it’s something that you can fix, why not try to make the extra effort? If it’s a little more blending she wants, take the shears to her hair a little more. If she wants more thickness, add a few extra strands. Whatever you do, just be sure to give your client a chance to give you feedback regarding the service.

Time. Give her time to go home and play with a few styles. It may be that she doesn’t like the lighting in the salon or she doesn’t have her make-up on to see if she is satisfied. After you give her a few days to get used to her new hair, follow up with a text or phone call to check on her. Chances are she’ll be happy. If for some reason she’s not, have her come back in and try to make it right. A simple follow-up phone call can mean the world to your client and set you apart from your competition.

As stylists, we are used to the transformations that hair extensions have the potential to make. However, there are also clients who expect a miracle that just can’t be done. Always schedule a consultation for your first-time hair extension clients. Encourage them to bring in pictures of the hairstyle they want to wear their hair in. By letting them bring in pictures, you can give them your best professional opinion and prevent any surprises on the day of the installation.

Have you had a difficult client? Let us know your story; we’d like to see if we can help for future scenarios!



3 Easy Steps Before Your Next I-Tip Appointment


Generally, I-Tips will last 2 to 3 months before the next move up appointment—with proper care, that is. If your client has some extra time to stop in and get the I-Tips removed before their scheduled move up appointment, then we highly recommend you suggest it as a stylist. The reason for wanting your client to take them out a few days before re-installation is because it gives them some extra time to give their worn hair extensions some TLC to revive them. Below are some suggestions for your I-Tip clients:

Clarify. After having the I-Tips in your hair for a while, you can’t help but have a little build up at your roots. Once you’ve removed all of the hair extension strands, use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of all the residue that might have been left behind from the bond used on the strands. You can also clarify the tips of the hair extensions because after they’ve been clamped down for so long, the bond tends to get a little tacky. Of course using a sulfate-free clarifying shampoo should have them squeaky clean for the re-installation.

Deep condition. One of the hardest things to do is to deep condition your I-Tips while they are still clamped on your hair because you risk getting some of the conditioner near the beads, which can lead to slippage. Once you’ve taken out the beads, you can deep condition both your natural hair and your extensions to revive them both and have them look as great as the first installation.

Bond. Sometimes when you take the I-Tips out, it can fray the bond around the strand making it hard for it to fit through the bead. Once your client has taken them out, it’ll be faster to rebond the strands again. You can use the Fusion melting connector to apply some heat at the tips and roll them between your fingers to get them back to the size that you need them to fit into the beads. If you do not have a Fusion melting connector, you can use a straightening iron that will work the same.

Have a question about any of the steps above? Leave it in the comments below and we’ll get back to you!



Replacing Your I-Tip Tools


Using the right tools ensures that you’ve installed your hair extensions correctly, and saves you a lot of time, (and more time equals more appointments which equals more income). If your tools are worn out or need to be replaced, don’t procrastinate—time is money. Using tools that need to be replaced can cost you the quality of your work and your time.

Loop Tool. Installing individual beads can be very tedious and time consuming. That’s why we’ve created a loop tool that can hold up to 50 beads. The more you beads you load, the less time you take going back and forth to reload. If you don’t have a loop tool that can pack as many beads at once, we suggest you replace it with one that can. Also, if your loop tool has been worn out, don’t procrastinate on getting a new one. It’s an investment that pays off quickly. Wear and tear is normal just like with any tool, and although tape can be a quick fix, it shouldn’t be used long term.

Quick Pick Hair Parter. The name says it all. If you’re still using a rat tail comb to part hair, you need to replace it as soon as possible. This hair pick attaches to your finger to quickly part hair exactly where you need to. Picking up and putting down a comb with each row of hair is so 10 years ago.

Beads. If your routine is to use one type of bead for all clients, you might want to look into the other types of beads. Not all your clients are going to have the same type of hair, so they shouldn’t all be using the same bead type, right? There are beads specifically for sensitive or fine hair, thick hair, and thin hair. As a stylist, you should be installing the proper bead for your client’s hair. Using the appropriate bead will definitely avoid an unhappy client experiencing slippage.

Hair Extension Tool. We strongly suggest using the hair extension tool from the same brand of beads you’re using. Usually, the company that makes the beads will make the tool that will work best with their beads. We recommend you replace your old hair extension tool if you’re using a new brand of bead. If it’s an old tool, be aware that it might not crimp all that well anymore. If the alignment is off, the tool won’t squeeze tightly. It will also make the removal more difficult as it won’t un-crimp beads as effectively.

Wear and tear is normal just like with any tool. Make sure you’re tools are always working correctly to save the quality of your work and the hassles of a bad hair extension experiencing.

When in doubt, always ask! We are here to help. Email us anytime info@babthings.com


We’re Coming to Image Expo Houston!

babe_blog_4-11-2014As mentioned in a previous blog post, Babe will be showcasing at a few trade shows coming up in 2014. The first one on the list? Image Expo in Houston Texas.

The show lasts two days, starting on Sunday May 18 through Monday May 19. We’ll have a booth and we’ve got some exciting things planned that include a paid certification class, free hands-on education and special show discounts on all our products.

Basically, we’d just love it if you came by and said hi! We’ll have more details going out soon with our specific booth number and such, just know that we’d be thrilled to see you all in person. Please come out and say “hey!”

Image Expo Houston

May 18, 2014 – May 19, 2014 

George R. Brown Convention Center Hall A


5 Great Stylist Traits

babe_stylist_traitsWhether you’re a seasoned stylist or you’re unwrapping that first pair of shears, you can always find something new to work on. I caught up with a few Babe stylists to get an idea of what human traits equal success in the salon. Here’s our top 5:

1) Personable: While this one may seem a bit obvious, it’s still a point worth visiting: stylists don’t work with hair as much as they work with people. In fact, stylists often fill in the role of de-facto therapists since they’re constantly interacting with people, hearing all the latest gossip and in some cases, forming life-long bonds with the people they’re servicing. It’s not so much a matter of being ultra-talkative, but it does help to have an approachable, conversational demeanor. The ability to put clients at ease, and to send the subtle message of “I’m here to talk with you” can turn a good appointment into a great one. Heck, you might even make a friend or two! Open and safe communication, even if it’s just small talk, will set the tone for the entire experience.

2) Willing to Learn: Maybe it’s been 20 years since you first finished cosmetology school and got certified. Maybe it’s only been 6 month. No matter what, things in the beauty industry are always changing. Sometimes the changes are subtle and sometimes they’re profound, but there’s one principal that doesn’t change: those who adapt will survive and those who don’t will get left behind. This isn’t meant to sound foreboding, (and no, we’re not even going to get into Darwinian evolution) but it’s still applicable. Stylists who aren’t willing to learn new or alternate methods, whether it’s for hair extensions or not, hurt themselves and limit future opportunities. Having a well-rounded palate of skills and an ability to be versatile puts you a notch above the average stylist. “The more I think I know, the more I find I don’t.” Never stop learning.

3) Confident and Assertive: Clients want to be able to trust their stylists, especially when they’ve got them in the chair with a set of shears to their locks! The customer is always right. You’ve heard it before and it still holds water, but remember: you’ve got good ideas too! If your client requests something that you know won’t work, don’t hesitate to help manage their expectations, or help them find an alternative that will work. Remember that some things really are a matter of aesthetic taste or opinion, but others aren’t. For example: if a client has hair unsuitable for extensions, it’s much better to face a little bit of disappointment in the initial consultation, than a full-fledged hair disaster halfway into the appointment. Be upfront about what will work and what won’t…and when something won’t work? Solve the problem by seeking an alternate solution.

4) Calm: Days can get overbooked, clients can get cranky and any other number of small impediments may come your way, but once the stylist loses their cool, all bets are off. Don’t let it happen to you! Take a few minutes and go cool off if you need, but don’t lose your cool in front of your clients. Not only does it lower your credibility as a professional but it can also throw your own work into a tailspin. You can’t always predict what will happen, but you can predict how you choose to respond. Maintain your cool under all circumstances.

5) Thorough: It’s quite easy to fall into a routine. However, don’t let something become so routine that you start omitting steps. Also remember that just because something is routine to you, it may still be a brand new experience for your client. It may help, depending on the cosmetic process underway, to make a sort of “mental checklist” of all the necessary steps. For newer, or less experienced clients, it may be helpful to narrate what you’re doing out-loud  any time there’s a change in step. (For example: “OK, now that I’ve parted the hair, I’m going to start sectioning off the strands for installation…) This helps clients feel like they’re continually in the know, and eases them into the process along the way.


Tips for Social Media Savvy Stylists

How can you stay in touch with all your customers after they’ve left the salon? letters? Regular postcards? Timely phone calls? Well…you could, but why not start utilizing social media? It’s quick, easy and practically everyone’s using it already.

Creating a social media presence for your salon helps you reach more customers, foster more brand loyalty, and it’ll even help control your reputation online . Think about it, if someone Googles your business, your social media pages will likely come up.

Whether you’re a social media “power user” or just an occasional dabbler, here’s a few tips to help up your online ante and make the biggest impact on your customers!

Host Regular Contests
Contests are a quick, but effective, way to engage your customers online. What kind of contest you choose to run and what to award the winner is completely up to you, but we’ve found that simple contests (for example “caption this funny photo!”) work well.

Contests allow you and your business to extend some surprise perks and a feeling of “exclusivity” to your followers, or to highlight a specific product. If done regularly, they can also instill a sense of a excitement among your customer base.

Product Spotlights
Have a new product on your shelves? How about a sale you’re running or a product you’ve discounted? Cover all your bases and post about it on social media. Ensuring that your message gets out to all potential customers never hurts and it’s quick and simple.

Pose a Thought Provoking Question
One of the great assets of social media is the power to enact discussions across long distances with a huge group of people. Why not engage your audience with a special discussion question geared towards hair? For example: “What was your favorite hairstyle at the golden globe awards?” or “Beyonce’s new ‘do: yay or nay?” It’s up to you how you want to frame the questions, but directly reaching out to your followers and inviting a response shows trust and a level of transparency that many followers will appreciate, and it also contributes to the greater online hair extensions community overall. Win-win!

Social Media Exclusive Content
Social media is a great avenue to share and consolidate content from all your websites, if you’ve got them. However, content that’s exclusive to social media (as in, content that only your followers on social media can see) can help drive more followers to your site if they know that what they’re getting there is unique. Hey, it also helps people feel special and exclusive, so what’s not to like?

Post Consistently
Maybe it seems like a no-brainer, but this goes a long way. Social media posts needn’t be a Russian novel i nlength, but when they’re made regularly, followers will notice. Consistency is key in engaging customers and keeping them excited for regular updates. When they know something’s coming down the pipeline, they’re that much more likely to keep checking back.