Never Too Old To Be a Babe

never too old

Who said you’re too old for hair extensions? Did you know that longer hair can take years away? It’s true. A long time ago, a rule was started— “the older in age, the shorter the hair.” But that’s actually bad advice. When you shorten your hair, you attract more attention to every line and wrinkle since it calls more attention to your facial features. Before you think you’re too old for hair extensions, consider some of these reasons you’re not. Always ask your stylist for suggestions as to what method is best to use on your hair type.

Thicker hair. As some women age, their hair gets thinner. If you’ve experienced a loss in volume or wish your hair was as thick as it once was, adding a few hair extension pieces can make all the difference in the world. Our Tape-In hair extensions are ideal for thinner hair. You don’t necessarily have to get a full head installed; you can opt to get just a few. Best thing about using hair extensions for thickness is that it’s a safe alternative if installed and removed properly. By adding a few pieces, it’s also budget friendly. You save money on the installation time and you don’t have to buy as many bags of hair. Is there a con to this reason? No, but there are many pros!

Color. Solid colors, especially dark colors, can also make you look older because they have no dimension. The secret to using your hair to help you look younger is to give it tons of dimension through a variety of highlights. You should usually go 2 tones lighter than your natural color; never go too light as this can also backfire and add years to your look. Through hair extensions, you can add as much dimension as you want or need without putting your hair through the chemical process of coloring your hair.

Cover-ups. If you have a small area of balding, hair extensions can be used to cover it up. They have to be strategically placed but it can be done. Consult your stylist to get an opinion if you will need a full head or if just a pack or two will get the job done.

If you’d like more information about this topic, we’re sure your stylist will be more than happy to answer any questions. You can also leave your questions or concerns in the comments below.


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