Get Hair Certified

Achieve the secure hold, seamless look, and natural flow and feel of our professional hair extension methods.

Get Lash Certified

Perform a flawless Lash Extension installation.

How it works

Learn about how to get Certified: it’s an easy 3-step process!

You can learn how to install hair extensions with Babe’s Online Education.

There’s a certain thrill that comes from providing amazing hair extension services to your clients. Hair extensions can create amazing transformations. In just a few hours, you can give your client hair that would ordinarily take years to grow!

As a Babe Hair Extensions Certified Stylist, you can give women long, full hair with tons of volume.You can offer this amazing service in your salon and help your business grow and flourish.

Through Babe Hair Extension Online Education, you can learn up to three different methods of hair extensions: I-Tip (Beaded), Fusion, and Tape-In. You can enroll in each class separately, or purchase all three for a special discount.

Each course is an exclusive, in-depth look at hair extensions. World-class stylist Kari Fuller leads and guides you through every part of the hair extension process by offering tips, tricks, and advice. She teaches you how to do client consultations, prepare hair for installation, section and part hair, place hair extensions safely into hair, maintain and care for hair, and remove hair extensions.

The HD videos are especially designed to help you succeed. You can view them anytime and anywhere where you have Internet access. Work at your own pace and your own schedule and learn these life-changing skills. The time to begin is now!