Babe Instant Hair is our all-new line of 100% Human, removable hair extensions.
Babe Instant Rewards is the perks program that goes with it.

How it works:
When you purchase any Babe Instant Hair Product, you earn hundreds of points. You can use these points to redeem exclusive rewards, like swag bags, limited edition items, event tickets, or even experience packages (like a visit to Babe HQ for a special hair makeover).

Better yet—when you refer a friend or colleague to Babe Instant Hair and they make a purchase, not only do they get hundreds of points, but you can also get rewarded up to 1,000 points for their purchase. So the more people you introduce to Babe Instant Hair, the quicker your points rack up, and the more beauty rewards you can claim!

What this means for you:
Babe Instant Hair extensions are a money-maker for your salon. They allow you to diversify your portfolio, benefit from add-on services like coloring, blending, styling, and maintenance treatments, and instill versatility into your clients' hair routines. By themselves, they're already a valuable addition to your business. But we decided to step it up a notch, because that's what we do. Pair this unique salon opportunity with further enrichment for yourself and your customers. Register for Babe Instant Rewards today!

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