You never know when your hair will decide to act up and become unmanageable on those special occasions—a date, a night out with girlfriends, or, worst case scenario, bumping into a frenemy or an ex after a hectic day. I’m sure we’ve all experienced flat hair after we’ve spent hours curling or styling it. For a quick fix, make sure you have the following items handy in your purse. These days, everything is about photographs (thanks, Facebook and Instagram). Don’t let bad hair stop you from taking the perfect picture, or from looking fabulous when you run across that old acquaintance.

Hairspray. There’s no excuse not to have a bottle of it with you at all times, especially when they come in travel sizes. It’s a life-saver when you need some emergency oomph! Or for those unexpected weather changes in the day that may make your hair flatten. A couple sprays should bring your hair back to life. Flyaways are a common hair issue we all have—tame them with your trustee bottle of hairspray and worry no more!

Hair extension brush. It’s a good idea to have two hair extension brushes—one to leave at home and one to take with you for the day. We’re so busy running around and fiddling with our hair that it frizzes out at the most inopportune times. Not only does a hair extension brush come in handy in these situations, but it saves you a trip back home before those last-minute after work plans. Refresh your hair by giving it a run-through with your brush and you’re ready to go!

Bobby pins and hair elastics. Doesn’t it seem like we just bought a brand new pack of bobby pins yesterday? Where did they all go? Don’t give up on them—they’re a great investment! Let’s say you’ve curled your hair extensions for the day and by five o'clock your curls look more like waves. Part your hair to one side and secure it with a couple of bobby pins and voila! You now have the Hollywood wave look. Or create a messy wave look with a hair elastic by simply placing your hair in a ponytail, pulling some hair out it at the crown of your head for a little volume, and you now have a trendy, messy ponytail!

Is there a hair product or item you can’t leave home without? We’re curious to know; please share!