Time is money, and whether you’re charging by the hour or per strand, the goal is to accomplish as many hair extension installations as possible, but still remain consistent and accurate. The more heads, the more income—right, Babes? Here are three hair extension hacks to help you be quicker while performing impeccable Babe Hair installations with each and every client.

Quick Pick Hair Parter. If you’re still using a comb to part sections of hair, you’re missing out. Don’t you find picking up and setting down a tail comb a pain? Babe Hair has a better way of parting hair while saving you time and energy. The Quick Pick Hair Parter is worn on your finger like a ring. It’s super light-weight and the point is smooth but sharp enough to make the perfect, clean part. You can wear it throughout the entire installation and you won’t even feel it. This little tool is so small but it’s giving the tail comb a run for it’s money in a big way!

Pre-loaded Babe Loop Tool. Babe’s loop tool for I-Tip holds 50 beads at a time. If you’re installing  I-tips, using a few loop tools at a time instead of just one will help speed things up. If installing a full head of I-Tips, use at least 3 loop tools and preload each one of them with beads before your client comes in. By doing this, you won’t have to take break to load your loop tool, you can keep going throughout the entire installation!

Comb. Instead of using your comb to part and sort the hair (you have the Quick Pick for that!), use it to organize your hair extension strands. This little tip is meant to save you time on picking up each strand from your tray (especially with I-Tips and Fusion). First, part the hair as you usually would, then place the upper layers into the clip. Now place your tail comb into the part of the hair that has been sectioned off into the clip (and make sure the teeth are facing up). Grab as many strands of hair as will fit in-between the teeth of the comb. This is the only time a tail comb will save you time. Instead of picking individual pieces from your tray, you have the pieces closer to you so you save energy and, of course, time. Below is a picture of what it should look like.

comb trick

Do you have any time-saving tips for our Babes? Please share them with us in the comment box below!