You know these, but maybe your client doesn’t. When the client leaves the salon, make sure they’ve got these points down for a happy and stress-free extensions experience!

A little wear and tear is inevitable. You know what this looks like, but there’s a chance your clients don’t. Make sure they know that just by being installed and worn, hair extensions will undergo minor symptoms of wear and tear (like some slight shedding, slippage  or dryness) that are completely normal and expected. This can be the opportune moment to not only step in and manage client expectations, but also to help them know what to look for if they feel they need any kind of follow up service.

Only use sulfate free shampoos and conditioners. Hit this one hard. It’s not a suggestion, it may as well be written into the 10 Commandments of hair extensions. Sulfates will dry them out, weaken the bonds, and lead to tangling and matting. Make sure clients understand this and ONLY clarify their hair with sulfate free shampoos and conditioners, lest they run into problems down the line.

Hair extensions MUST be regularly maintained.  Your natural hair requires regular brushing, styling, and clarification and so will hair extensions. Failure to keep up with maintenance will result in a quick diminishing in their quality. Make sure that clients know how to brush their extensions, how often, and what to look for while they’re doing it.