Your client is ecstatic about seeing how much their natural hair has grown since the original installation of their hair extensions, but the touch-up appointment isn’t for a few days. Now it’s making their styling routine a tad more work than usual trying to hide the beads, tape, or bonds. Don’t fret! We’ve got a few ideas you can pass on to your client to help them with their hair extensions until the next touch up appointment. Whether it’s a bad hair day because of regrowth, slippage, or they just can’t seem to get their hair extensions to style the way they want them to, we’ve got them covered—literally.

Messy. This year, the hair trend has been the messier, the better. Everything from messy buns, braids, waves, even the way you part your hair. If you find yourself stuck in a bad hair day, think messy! Loose messy buns will almost always cover regrowth from any three methods of installation. And don’t hold out the bobby pins either. Use as many as you’d like to be as messy and creative with pinning your hair (huge visible bobby pins have been seen on Emma Watson and Emma Stone earlier this year). Bobby pins are definitely having their moment.

Head bands. They don’t want to put their hair up? It’s a good idea to have a few headbands and hair scarves around. We love hair scarves because they’re thicker, on-trend, and once wrapped around the head, are able to hide roots, which is key to hiding regrowth. If they don't have any, now you just gave them a reason to shop!

Second-day hair. Second day hair is always the best, especially when it’s been curled. For a quick styling option, spray some dry shampoo (this absorbs oils in your hair and provides volume) and then re-curl the ends with a curling iron. This will help fight frizz and if given enough volume, will be able to hide the bonds.

The key to a bad hair day is to avoid over-styling. Did you notice what all 3 have in common? They all don’t require your hair or your styling to be perfect.

What are your secrets to a good hair day?