As our Tape-Ins gain popularity, we have heard of more and more common mistakes being made among  some stylists, one of them being overuse of bond remover. You could be paying the price for a bottle of remover, along with extra unnecessary labor, if you don’t apply the proper amount of Tape-In remover.

Common mistakes:

  • Saturating the whole head in bond remover

  • Using heat to remove the wefts

  • Pulling or ripping the hair apart

Here is the proper way to remove Tape-Ins:Using the clear Babe Hair bond remover, apply the remover to one or two wefts at a time. Let it sit for a few seconds, then peel the weft apart downwards like a banana. Continue this same step throughout the whole head. DO NOT SATURATE THE ENTIRE HEAD. We advise you to only do a weft or two at a time because if you let the bond remover sit for too long, you will make the tape super gooey and tacky, making it difficult to pull apart. It will also linger in your client’s hair, and that’s extra time and work that you really could have avoided.

Some hair extension companies use heat to remove Tape-Ins, but Babe Hair is not one of them. Due to the unique nature of our patented adhesive used on our Babe extensions, heat is not needed and actually can prematurely break down the extensions, if used on the extensions.

Our bond remover is meant to ensure a safe removal process. If you find yourself pulling or ripping your client’s hair from the weft, you’re not applying the correct remover or you’re not applying enough of it. If you’re using the clear remover and letting it sit for about 30 seconds, the wefts should slide off easily and without leaving much residue on the client's hair.

By the time you’re done removing all the Tape-In wefts, you should have only used about one fourth of the bottle. In this case, a little goes a long way.