Since most of you choose remy over synthetic hair extensions because of their resilience to heat tools and other products, we thought we would cover the proper way of applying heat to your natural hair and your hair extensions. You should try to stay away from applying heat to your hair, and only use heat when you absolutely need it. For example, letting your hair air dry instead of using a blow dryer every time, or braiding your hair before bed so you wake up with those boho waves. Many of our clients are unaware of the proper way to apply heat to their natural hair let alone their hair extensions. Here are the most common mistakes, as a stylist, you should cover with your client to make sure they have the best hair extension experience. If you have more to add, let your client know. Here we go…

Skipping a blow dry primer. Always apply a primer to your hair before blow drying. These products contain heat protection and fight frizz. Choosing not to use one is asking for not only frizzy hair but also breakage and color fade.

Applying heat protectant serums/oils before straightening or curling. When you apply those types of sprays or serums right before applying heat, you’re basically frying your hair. Wet hair and hot metal do not mix. Apply the heat protectant first, wait for your hair to absorb it, then proceed with your hair styling tool.

Brushing and or applying heat to wet hair. Most stylists will tell you they prefer to let the hair air dry before blow drying. Your hair is the weakest when it’s fresh from a wash, which is why you shouldn’t brush it with just any comb. It should be brushed with a wide tooth comb and should be left to air dry about 50% before taking a blow dryer to it.

Any more tips? Drop them in the comments below. We’re always excited to hear from you Babes!