It seems that just about every celebrity is wearing hair extensions, and it’s no secret that they’ve been wearing them for years and will be for years to come. Hair extensions haven’t recently gained popularity, but celebrities weren’t as open about wearing them back when they first started. After all these years, extensions have only gained popularity and people (including celebrities) more freely admit to wearing them. Options for method, length, color, and price, keep appearing, and women from all different lifestyles can wear extensions now. So, why aren’t hair extensions just a fad?

Firstly, some women struggle with growing out their natural hair. For some it may be for health reasons, medications, or simply because their hair won’t grow past a certain length. With hair extensions, you don’t have to take supplements while you play the waiting game. Adding length, depending on the method of installation, can take less than two hours. And with 100% human Remy hair, you can give your added length a natural finish so no one even knows you’re wearing extensions.

As women, almost all of us will experience several special occasions. From prom night, to graduation, to our wedding day, there’s no other look that is more chic, classic, and coveted than the one you get with long flowing locks. Remember how we talked about options? Women who want the look without the commitment are opting for Clip-In hair extensions. All you do is clip them in yourself for the special day and take them out as soon as you’re done. Since ours are 100% human Remy hair, if you store them nicely, they’ll be ready for multiple special occasions in the future.

Now hopefully you won’t experience a bad haircut or a bleach color that goes horribly wrong, but if you do, know that you don’t have to mope about it. Hair extensions are here to save the day! We have extensions for many hair types that can be installed while your natural hair recovers.

So to answer your question… no, hair extensions aren’t just a trend, they are a lifestyle that is here to stay.

What’s the best part you enjoy about your Babe hair extensions? We’d love to hear from you!