Meet your new favorite salon tool, the Babe Hair app for iOS. Babe Hair stylists are going to fall in love with all of its user-friendly features. If you haven’t downloaded the app on your iPhone yet, do it now so you can start using features like the pricing calculator, the client tracker, and how-to videos. Want more details? We’ve highlighted our favorite features below but there’s so much more…

Pricing calculator: Ever get stuck on trying to create a formula for what to charge for your hair extension services? With the Babe Hair pricing calculator, you no longer have to worry about it. Just select which way you want to charge the client (per piece or by the hour), then select the installation method (I-Tip, Fusion, or Tape-In), and the rest is calculated for you— including a breakdown so you know how much profit you’ve made!

Hair Makeover: We can’t stop playing with this feature. This is perfect to add to your consultation services. Simply take a picture of your client in the chair have your client take a selfie and email it to you. From there, you have the option to pick the style (length, wavy, or straight), and choose from the Babe Hair color swatch. Bam! An instant makeover in front of your eyes will help you and your client make a better decision on what color looks best with her facial features and skin tone.

Hair advice and videos: If you have a break in between clients, tap on this feature. It has great advice for Babe Hair installations and information for proper care. Watch Babe’s Director of Education, Kari Fuller, as she gives you tips and tricks for successful installation and what to do in challenging situations. A great stylist is always working even when there’s no one in their chair right?

By downloading the Babe Hair app you’ll also get to take advantage of exclusive mobile offers for app users only. So what are you waiting for? Download the app now and tell us about your favorite feature!