We’ve just landed in Long Beach for one of the biggest hair shows of the year, International Salon and Spa Expo at the Long Beach Convention Center. If you’ve been curious about our products or have wanted to get some really awesome hands-on training, come check us out at our booth January 30-February 1. Here’s a little insight of what goes on at our hair shows:

Free installation. As long as you purchase the hair at the show, we will put them in for you right then and there— absolutely FREE! Get your hair done straight from the source, you’re guaranteed to have the best Babe Hair experience.  Not only will you save on installation cost, Babe Hair products are also discounted at a special show price! Tell me that’s not a deal. Babe Hair is rarely discounted so definitely stop by and take advantage of this sale price. Stock up if you need to, I know I would...

Get answers to your questions. Each stylist at the Babe Hair booth is 100% certified with us. They are extremely knowledgeable in all Babe Hair products. Get any and all of your questions answered by one of us. Due to so many free installation sign ups, it’s almost certain that you’ll catch us in action during a live installation. Feel free to sit in on an installation to become more familiar with the process and don’t be scared to ask us questions. That’s what we’re here for!

Get certified. We provide some pretty amazing hands-on training classes on all hair extension methods. We’ll teach you the complete ins and outs for successful installations each time. Even if you think you know hair extensions, I’m telling you, you will learn something new. Want to know what Flat-Tips are and their installation process? We’ve got that covered. Improve your services by becoming certified with Babe Hair and you’ll for sure see an increase in your revenue.

We’d love to have you Babes stop by and check out our newly designed booth. Come say hi and enjoy a fresh bag of popcorn (from our awesome pink popcorn cart) while you watch all of the Babe Hair excitement!