Hey Babes! Thanks for checking back in with us this week for your weekly tip. With all the Christmas hustle and bustle we thought we would keep this one short and sweet so you can get back to your Christmas shopping. This week’s topic— blending.

Blending is the most crucial part to any hair extension installation but at times can be extremely tricky. We thought we’d help make it a little easier by giving away other stylist’s tips as they come. So, here’s a tip from one stylist to the next— wash the hair extensions after taking them out of the package and before installation. The hair extensions have been in their package for some time making them flat. Washing and blow drying them before installation will get the extensions to bounce back to their natural texture to better match the texture of the natural hair. You’ll also notice that you’ll have better placement since the hair isn’t super flat.

When washing, always keep the ends where the bonds and tape are located away from water. To do this, cover the tape or bond with a plastic wrap and use an elastic hair tie to secure the wrap in place. Wash the rest of the hair and blow dry them until completely dry. After the hair extensions have been completely dried, proceed with the installation.

Your client should always wait 48 hours after installation before washing her hair. This will make the wait before their first wash easier, since you’ve already washed their extensions and most likely smell and feel clean and fresh.

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