Hey Babes! Did you know Babe Lash has it’s own booth now? That’s right, the maker of your favorite hair extensions also has an eyelash line, Babe Lash, and we’ll be in Ohio this weekend for Premier Beauty Classic. Our distributors have done an amazing job at introducing our eyelash line so we’re pretty sure you know all about it, but in case you don’t, here’s a little info on what it is and the products you’ll get to test and purchase by visiting us.

Eyelash Serum. Our serum enhances the look of your natural lashes working from the inside out. By applying this serum daily, your lashes will look fuller in as little as 4 weeks. Do you ever notice how our eyelashes fall off at times or how some of us grow thinner lashes than others? Because our formula is designed to strengthen your lashes during their growth pattern, your natural lashes will grow longer and fuller. Product comes in a 2 mL (3 month supply) or 4mL (6 month supply).

Volumizing Mascara. Babe’s mascara works best with the serum. The ingredients found in our mascara include peptides, herbal extracts, and other nutrient-rich vitamins to help nourish  and build up longer lashes. The brush is designed to separate each lash that won’t clump or run. Your lashes will look so glam, you’ll need a signature wink to go with them!

Babe Lash Fiber Extend. Perfect for the gal allergic to eyelash extensions or wants thicker looking lashes without the commitment of having lash extensions. This little bad boy comes in a 2-in-1 bottle. Unscrew the right sided for the mascara then unscrew the left side for the fiber (depending on how you’re holding it. To apply: Coat your lashes with the mascara first. Then, coat the application of mascara with the fiber brush. Finish off by applying one more coat of mascara and voila! You’re lashes will not only look fuller, they’ll look as if you’re wearing extensions!

And just like our hair extensions can be found at a discounted show price, our eyelash products will also be discounted at special price. Make time to come visit our booth (booth #545) October 11 and 12 and stock up on them, but you have to at least try them out.

Excited to see you there!

Team Babe