If you haven’t heard, Babe Hair is coming to a city near you! Babe Hair has put together the Babe Mastery Tour for stylists who are wanting a one-on-one experience with Babe’s educators. This tour consists of a whole day package or a weekend package, in which we help you become masters of hair extensions. If you’ve been wanting a chance to get away, here is an opportunity for a guilt-free trip that you can technically list as a “business” event, though it’s too much fun to not be considered for “pleasure”. Get certified in Babe Hair extensions with an experience that you can’t get online. Have all your questions answered in person and get the reassurance you need while you install hair with us!

What you’ll learn.

Upon completion you’ll know how to install all three types of hair extension methods (Fusion, Tape-In, I-Tip) blindfolded. Okay, we may be exaggerating just a tad, but you’ll be that amazing! You’ll also learn how to properly remove all methods. If you’ve had trouble completely removing the old adhesive from Tape-Ins, or if you would like to know how to speed up the removal time along with tips and how-tos, this is a class you won’t want to miss. We’ll cover how to determine the quantity of hair each client needs and how to place strands and wefts properly for different hair types.

Anyone can install hair extensions, but it’s the blending that sets your skill apart from the rest. We’ll teach you the steps for perfect blending every time. Because you’ve invested the time to learn all these tips and tricks, we’ll also give you the secrets you need to price installations and bolster your revenue.


Included in the packages is a Babe Master Kit containing 3 packs of Babe 100% Human Remy professional hair (1 pack each for each method), 100 beads, the Babe Loop Tool, the Fusion Melting Connector, Keratin Bond Remover, Tape-In Bond Remover, and a whole lot more. This Babe Master Kit is valued at $658.98, but comes free with whichever package you choose.

To end a great weekend, the Babe Team will provide you with a night out with the Babe Team! It will be perfect for more personal time and questions for our educator and to make new friends in the industry. There’s a whole lot more, so for complete details, visit the Mastery Tour page.

Can’t wait to see you Babes! If you have any questions, drop them in the comment box below!