Lately our Babes have been wondering what the deal is with the new Babe packaging. No we did not change the quality of our hair or change anything else in the manufacturing process. We’ve simply changed the aesthetics to be more consistent with our branding efforts and the in-store merchandising plans for this year. Also, the new UPC codes are more compatible with most common inventory systems.

The new change took place about a month ago, and you’re most likely to see it first on our new Babe ombre colors. The transition will be gradual because you won’t see it until your distributor gets new inventory, and most likely it’ll be on the most popular colors first. The new packaging is now thinner, sleeker, and the Babe girls now have the same hair color as the hair in the packaging.

We love seeing the makeover our stylists give their clients so we thought we’d give ourselves one too. What do you think of our new look?? Let us know, we’re always interested in hearing your feedback!