The word is out! Babe Hair has been working long and hard on a new item to hit the shelves in the coming weeks— Babe Vanity. A mirrored screen protector for your iPhone and Android. This little item is meant to replace your compact mirror, making it one last thing to carry in your purse (especially clutches). Designed to be sharp enough just like a mirror, you don’t have to check in the mirror for those gorgeous selfies anymore! Just look into your phone and get camera ready for that snapshot.

In the testing phase, we accidentally dropped a phone on cobblestone, and to our surprise, the screen was untouched when we were sure it was shattered! Most of us like to keep our phones looking new, so we invest in a good phone case and screen protector right? If you’re going to have a protector on your phone, why not get one that will serve a another purpose other than just a plastic cover?

We know you’ll love Babe Vanity as much as we enjoyed working on it. If you’re the queen of selfies we know for a fact you’ll be hooked! Pick one up next time you visit your distributor and tag us in your selfies on Instagram.