Being Babe Hair-certified means you’ve taken the right step in becoming one of the best in the business. Why? Because at Babe Hair we not only stand by our product, we stand by our stylists. We provide you with the best tools to keep you outshining the rest, starting with the best quality of hair in the market. We know it’s a competitive business for us as much as it is for you as the stylist. So what can set you apart from the rest? Let’s start with color.

If you haven’t been comfortable with custom coloring, now would be a great time to put some practice in and jump on the wagon. The top stylists with the most followers on social media, who also happen to have a large clientele, get that way in part because of their custom coloring skills. Coloring can be very tricky, and it takes a lot of skill and knowledge, especially when it comes to coloring hair extensions. You don’t want to ruin hundreds of dollars-worth of extensions, which is why we always recommend doing a test strand.

Some coloring formulas are too harsh for hair extensions, just like bleach on natural hair can be really harsh. Therefore, before coloring a whole batch of hair, make sure you do one strand only to find out how the hair will react. If it goes bad, you should try a different line of color products. It’s very important that you master your coloring skills before attempting a color job. Part of being a master is becoming very familiar with the coloring formula and the color line of products that are safe for hair extensions.

Babe recommends that you only use a semi- or demi-permanent hair color. Never lift color, but deposit it. When depositing, make sure you keep within two shades of the hair’s original color. While these guidelines are recommended by Babe, it doesn’t mean you can’t put your own creativity to work. To see how stylists are coloring their Babe Hair extensions, follow these stylists on instagram: @hairbyrubiking, @carlyraelawrenson, @aklounge, and @cortneypinion.

Got a favorite color line you like to use on your Babe Hair extensions? Drop it in the comments below; we’d like to pass it along to our fellow Babes!

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