When it comes to charging the client, a stylist often finds themselves guessing or trying to come up with the best formula to make a profit. We’re often asked, how much should I charge? By hour? By strand? This is one of the trickiest questions and one that we breakdown for you at all of our Mastery Tour classes. There are so many factors to take into consideration when coming up with a number, so while we can’t take up all of your time trying to explain it, let’s start with the basic— asking for a downpayment on hair extension services.

Babe Hair, as you know, is only sold through professional beauty distributors. Usually, they will require a license to make a purchase which means unless your client has a license, they won’t be able to purchase their own hair extensions. With that in mind,  absolutely ask for a down payment! Not only will this help with the cost, it will also ensure your client doesn’t cancel on you. It’s a fact when people have invested their money into something, they are more committed. The best time to ask for the money upfront is during the consultation appointment. On the day of the installation, you can charge for the remaining balance including the cost of labor.

This down payment deal can also be applied to reinstallation appointments. Before re-taping (Tape), re-bonding (Fusion), or pre-rolling  (I-Tips), make sure to collect the money for the time you’re about to invest in prepping the hair for their move-up appointment. You don’t want to spend all that time clarifying and rebonding just to have them postpone their appointment right?

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