In the world of beauty, the trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere is ombre. Since the ombre has been introduced, we’re seeing other forms of ombre gain popularity like the balayage, dip dyes, and low lights. From subtle to bright colors, it’s all about the use of tones. By using a variety of tones, you can create beautiful dimension for your client to frame her face, complement her skin tone, or create the illusion of more volume (part of the reason why these techniques are so popular). So how can you use Babe Hair to accomplish the look? Keep reading…

If you’d like to provide your client with more dimension, the use of two or more colors of extensions can give you all the dimension you need without the chemical process of hair coloring. How do you know which colors work best? First look at your client’s base color (if it’s a monotone color, this will work even better). Next, hold your Babe Color Swatch against it. Since you’re not creating highlights, you’re creating dimension, pick the two colors closest to her natural color. You can use two colors (for a total of 3 color tones, which you’ll alternate in the installation process) or use just one color to mix in with her natural hair color.

A trick to holding up a swatch: Never place one strand at a time against your client’s hair. Hold a few of swatch strands against her hair for the best match. Most of the time stylists will hold the swatch strands individually against the natural hair. You might find that the next one matches better than the previous. You’ll get a much better match if you hold all the colors that are closest to her color together. For dimension you’ll need the colors that are one or two shades from her natural color.

What’s your trick for creating dimension? We’d love to hear you share!