Unless they are Clip-Ins, you shouldn’t try to install your own hair extensions. Even stylists need to trade an installation service with fellow stylists. While it may look easy, there’s a lot more that goes into the installation of I-Tips, Fusion, and Tape-Ins.Your stylist has invested a lot of time, money, and practice on perfecting their skill. Especially if they’ve gone the extra mile to become specifically Babe certified. Although it may look easy, here are a few reasons why your stylist is worth every penny.

Natural. When a hair extension job is done right, it’s impossible to notice that there are even hair extensions in your hair. Aside from the fact that Babe’s hair is made out of 100% human remy, your stylist will create a natural look that calls for proper blending of the hair. Blending the hair extensions is tricky because it has to be precise and requires sheers. Most horrible extension jobs are due to a lack of knowledge in knowing how and where to cut the hair.

On the clock. Most stylists will charge you for the time it takes them for the installation. Others will charge by the strand. Whatever the case may be, both systems require time. Could you imagine trying to install each strand yourself? You’ll be installing extensions for what seems like forever. We know it’s a lengthy process but your stylist does save you time.

Precision. A terrible hair extension job is especially noticeable when the placements of the strands are not where they are supposed to be. One of the first things your stylist has learned about extension installation is where on the head each strand should be placed. Each strand also consists of equal spacing. This will be especially hard to do on yourself, even if you are looking at the back of your head with a mirror. If placed too close to the top of the head you create a mullet look. If placed too far down, it looks like your hair has grown out. Another nightmare you don’t want to deal with is the matting caused by not being precise.

Have a certified stylist put all these worries to rest. If you need help finding a stylist or want to know more about becoming a certified stylist, let us know!