We’ve bombarded you with tips and advice over the years on how to defend your hair—and your clients’ hair—from brutal summer weather, so we wouldn’t blame you if you thought that summer and hair extensions just don’t mix. Should clients avoid getting extensions during the summer months? The answer is no, and here’s why…

We operate on a solutions-based outlook.
Rather than impose limitations on hair extensions (and restrict the operation of your business), we believe the best way to tackle the issue of summer hair extensions is not to avoid it, but to address it, so that eventually we can resolve it and go back to simply loving summer. At the end of the day, life happens. We wouldn’t recommend someone avoid getting hair extensions because they exercise often or straighten their hair, even though those activities can compromise the integrity of the extensions. Instead, we offer solutions that minimize the risk, because risk is the only thing that ought to be limited.

There are existing interventions.
Speaking of these solutions, there are actually plenty of them—more than enough to adequately counter any risks that the sun throws your way. We live in a world of heat-protectants, moisture masks, protective styles, and sun hats (glorious sun hats!). Pick and choose the interventions that best suit you or your client’s circumstances, then don’t spare a second thought on the issue. The beach is calling, after all.

We’ve got you covered.
We’re on a mission to make the hair extension life as inviting and straightforward as possible, for both you and your clients. So we’ll continue to post about new summer hair developments—particularly in the arena of hair-protection—and tell you how hair extensions fit into the picture. (Bonus points if you also cover up those bonds, though! Hats are still our favorite summer accessory…)

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