We have 29 colors of hair extensions in four different hair extensions methods. (Check our our Color Ring!) But sometimes there isn't one that fits your client perfectly. One option is to dye the hair extensions. Here are some coloring tips:

-Strand Test First. Make sure the finished product is going to be what you want by dyeing a section of hair before doing the whole thing.

-Deposit, Don’t Lift. If you know you’re going to need to dye your extensions, order a shade or two lighter and add color. Never lift color. The hair extensions have already gone through a dyeing process, and lifting color will damage them.

-Stay within 2 Shades. Go darker, but only two shades darker.

-Color Before Installation. It’s easier on the bonds and on your client’s head. Trust us on this one.

-Demi- or Semi- Only. You don’t need the permanent color. Demi-permanent and semi-permanent colors will produce the same effect, but won’t do as much strain on the extensions as permanent dye does.


Treat the colored extensions like you would your own color-treated hair. Don’t wash them for the first 24 hours, use sulfate-free, color-safe products and avoid chlorinated water.