Babe hair extensions are 100% Human Remy--the pre-eminent grade of hair available on the market. That’s what sets our products apart from the rest, making us a hair extension leader. But many of your clients might not have heard the term “100% Human Remy” before, and probably won’t understand what you mean when you describe our extensions as such. So how should you explain it to them? We’ve compiled a list of the main points to cover, so feel free to utilize them during your next consultation appointment--or even print them out to hang alongside your Babe marketing materials!

100% Human Remy hair is:

- Made from ethically sourced, never-before-processed “virgin” hair.
Babe’s hair extensions are sourced from India, where women cultivate long, beautiful, chemically untouched locks and donate them to local temples as a religious and social service. This hair is of the highest quality possible, making it the best material with which to produce our hair extensions. The temples then sell this hair to companies like ours to fund their practice and their local community.

- Oriented with the cuticle facing down.
Hair has a natural direction to it--there’s a root side and an end side, or a natural top and bottom, and the cuticle layer on the outside always faces downward. Remy hair takes this direction into account, meaning the hair is properly aligned with the root side at the top, the end side at the bottom, and the cuticle layer facing downward. That means there’s no risk of tangling or breakage when caring for the hair.

- 100% uniform.
Each and every strand of Babe’s hair extensions is Human Remy hair--no exceptions. Furthermore, our strands are the length that we say they are, throughout. We’re not a company to cut corners with our products.

How do you explain 100% Human Remy to your clients? Let us know in the comments below!