Last week we talked about our Babe Lash line so it’s only right that we follow up with a tip for our eyelash extension lovers. For those that haven’t tried eyelash extensions, you really should give these babies a try! Warning: You will become addicted. If you’re already an addict of these beautiful long batting eyelashes, tune in. We’ve got a secret to keeping them on just a tad bit longer before your next fill.

Babe’s Eyelash Serum! Yup that’s the big secret. Here’s the run down…

Your eyelashes have a growth cycle and each lash will grow to a certain length. Eventually, once the lash has reached the end of it’s cycle, it will fall out and be replaced by a new growing lash (which is why you’ll sometimes get those annoying lashes that fall in your eye or on your cheek). While we can go more into depth about each phase in the cycle, we don’t want to bore you so we’ll explain how the serum plays a huge part.

Each extension is attached to the root of your natural eyelash. So if it’s a lucky day, the lash extension attached to your natural eyelash will fall out because it was at the end of it’s cycle. Babe’s Eyelash serum works to strengthen each lash allowing them to grow longer, therefore, holding off from falling out, which then, you guessed it— allows you to push back those fill appointments. The lash extension will stay put a little longer because the natural lash won’t fall out as easily or as quickly. In other words, they will fall out eventually, just not as fast.

Still a little skeptical? We don’t blame you. The serum comes in a smaller size (2mL) so pick up a bottle the next time you visit your distributor and let us know what you think. You’ll definitely notice a difference, we pinky promise!