Maybe you’re a certified color matching expert. Maybe you’ve got the eyes of a hawk. Maybe you’re just really incredibly great at what you do. We don’t doubt it in the least. However, for those who aren’t as confident (or those who just want a safety net) we offer a handy-dandy little product specifically for helping you match a client’s specific hair swatch.

The Babe color swatch comes with 29 color samples. Each swatch on the ring is made of the same high quality, 100% human hair that all of our Babe hair extensions are made of, so it gives clients a good idea of what they’ll be installing. Best of all, the ring is adjustable so if we ever make a new swatch, you throw another swatch right onto the ring, no sweat.

Use the ring to visualize a new hair extension transformation, or simply to match an extension to the natural hair, it’ll help you and your plan for the extensions and it’s a  great tactile tool that your clients can touch and hold before making any commitments.

We love the color ring, and so do many of our Babe stylists (yes, we do read those Emails and we love those phonecalls!). If you’re looking to bump your output to the next level, pick up a color ring here!