Hair extensions are an amazing product that create amazing transformations Women all over the world love hair extensions because they are an easy way to get longer, fuller hair. Stylists love hair extensions because they’re a great way to expand services. We've got some tips about how to get involved with these amazing products.

If you’re a licensed cosmetologist, you already have the skills you need to learn how to use hair extensions.

Babe has a state-of-the-art Online Education program. You can learn how to use all three methods and become certified. It’s convenient for your busy schedule. We also do classes at various trade shows throughout the country.

After you’re certified, you’ll want to start building a clientele. Babe offers exciting, engaging marketing materials that you can use in your salon to help you advertise hair extension services.

You can purchase hair extensions kits and supplies through independent distributors located all over the U.S., Canada, and in other countries throughout the world. You can find a distributor using this tool.

Take pictures of your work and post it to social media. (You can even submit it to us at Babe and we may post it on our Facebook page.) Word of mouth is your best friend. As you do great work, your reputation will grow and you’ll have more clients than ever coming to you to get hair extensions done.

You can also attend trade shows in your area to get more education and to meet other stylists who are in the hair extensions world.

Hair extensions are product with a lot of opportunity and offering this service can do wonders for your business. Get started today!