Sun’s out, which means it’s the season for adding sun-kissed tones to our hair color, and that usually means going light. Whether your client is choosing to go completely light or just some, here is your chance as a stylist to introduce her to a new world: the world of hair extensions. There are many of us who envy the gal who is able to change her hair color every month but who are not willing to put our hair through the chemical process. Babe Hair has so many options for many different hair types and one of our goals is to provide the safest alternative to color. So, next time you’re providing a color service, think about the other options you have with Babe Hair and explore these options with your client for her summer makeover.

Highlights? Why put the natural hair through the chemical process when you can just get a couple of packs of I-Tips, Fusion, or even Tape-Ins. Yes, even Tape-Ins can be cut into highlight size. This is also a great way to get a client who has never worn hair extensions to try a couple packs. When you think about it, the cost is about the same.

Ombre? If you haven’t heard, Ombre hair extensions are available at Babe Hair. If you’ve visited your distributor lately, you’ve most likely to seen them in their new packaging. If you haven’t seen them yet, don’t worry, the official Babe Hair ombre launch is next month. Oops we spilled the beans—look at it as a perk for reading our weekly tips; you’re a Babe Hair insider!

All of Babe Hair products are meant to be safe on every hair type. But it’s only 100% safe if the stylist is using the product properly. So, if you would like to start offering these color options for your client but aren’t quite familiar with our products, your distributor is a great resource. They are educated in Babe Hair, can introduce you to Babe and our product line, and some will even provide hands-on classes for you.

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