Is it hard for you to grow out your natural hair? Did you chop your hair off only to find you’re missing your long locks again? Natural hair growth is a slow process that can definitely test your patience at times. The growth rate for natural hair is about half of an inch per month and six inches per year. Factors like stress and unhealthy ends can sure make this process go even slower. Stress is a very common hair loss problem that can affect the rate in which your hair grows. Split or dry ends break off, making it seem like you haven’t gained even a half inch of your natural hair strands.

Did you know Babe Hair can help you grow out your hair again?

Babe Hair extensions, when installed properly, are a very healthy option for growing out your natural hair—they are not applied with glues or any other harmful chemicals. Also, because hair extensions are an investment (you have spent a pretty penny on the packs of hair and installation), you tend to be more gentle and more caring of your hair. You’re more conscious of the way you brush, how much heat you apply, and even how you wash. You’ll find that by your next move-up appointment (usually 6-8 weeks after initial installation) your hair has grown some. As your natural hair grows, the extensions move lower and lower so you’ll be able to tell something is different.

If the ends of your hair are splitting or seem somewhat dry, hair products such as hair masks, conditioners, and other treatments can help to repair them while you wear your hair extensions. Check in with your salon partners, your Babe distributors know which products will work best for you and are certainly stocked with a variety for different hair types.

While wearing your Babe Hair extensions, you can also consult your physician about taking biotin. Biotin helps stimulate the cells that make your hair grow, if taken consistently and properly, you should see a difference in you hair growth.

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