Every so often we tend to get swayed by what the next celebrity just did to their hair. Some of us actually act on those impulses and copy a hair style only to find out it doesn’t look as flattering on us as it did on our favorite celebrity. Your best look should depend on the texture of your hair and the shape of your face. So forget what Mrs. Jones just did to her hair and pick a style that’s tailored to you.

Using straight hair extensions. With a round face, you want to add long layers since they tend to elongate the face. To enhance the cheekbones, if your client permits, add bold, straight-across bangs. For an oval face, avoid leaving hair extensions all one length. Start layering right below the eyes to make oval faces look a bit fuller. For a square face, you want to add sideswept bangs to minimize a wide forehead. To soften their strong jaw, layer from the chin to the collarbone.

Using wavy or curly hair extensions. With a round face, installing curly or wavy hair of one length can create a “pyramid effect,” so be sure to add long layers to prevent this. A deep side part is another great option since it emphasizes their great bone structure. If your client has a square face, you can add some bounce with shorter layers that fall around the forehead and sides of the face. To enhance cheekbones on an oval face, start layering at the shoulders and add a side part.

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