We’ve all gone through those days where we desperately need and really look forward to our move-up appointment. But in the midst of our busy work schedules and this thing called life, we have put off scheduling with our stylist. Last minute appointments are usually a no-go. Don’t panic, though, here are a few things you can do while you wait for your stylist’s next opening.

Save Time. If you can get your hands on an extension tool, you can easily remove the beads yourself. If you have Tape-Ins and have the specified BabeTape-In Bond Remover, you may also very carefully take them out by applying a small amount of the remover to weaken the adhesive and sliding the wefts out. With the Fusion method, it can get a little tricky, therefore, if you haven’t had experience with taking them out before, we recommend you wait until you can get an appointment. Babe has its own bond remover for Fusion hair extensions, so if you have some and are comfortable removing them yourself, feel free. Just dab a small amount of the keratin bond, let it set for a minute then use the hair extension tool to squeeze the bond until it breaks and loosens.

By taking them out yourself, you also have a chance to clarify the hair extensions so they can be squeaky clean for your move-up appointment. You also have time to nourish and repair your natural hair. Use that extra time you saved on removal for a nice little trim at the salon before reinstalling the extensions so that blending them will be a lot better. If you tend to style your hair with a heat tool a few times a week, chances are your ends may be a little fried. There’s nothing worse than having smooth hair extensions with fried ends, right?

Clip-Ins. If you’re a pro at removing your own hair extensions but want some type of security in case your stylist can’t fit you in, or if you simply just want a little break to give your natural hair some TLC with heavy deep conditioners and masks, then having a set of Clip-Ins is great. They are a great way to continue having your volume and length until your next hair appointment.

Your best bet will be to schedule your appointments ahead of time so that you get the scheduling part out of the way and your stylist can plan for you.

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