I am going to Hawaii in a couple of weeks and have the Tape-In extensions. While I do not go in the water a lot, I do like to snorkel. What is the best way to take care of my extensions while in the water and sun? I don’t want them to slip out or get tangled and I feel like I will need to be washing my hair more than the every three days I do now.

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Tropical vacations filled with salt water, swimming, and sunbathing can wreck havoc on anyone’s hair, with hair extensions or without. But that doesn't mean you can’t have a fun vacation. With proper care, you can still have a great time without ruining your ‘do.

Before you dive in, soak your hair with fresh water. Extensions are naturally drier, so they soak up a lot of water very quickly. If they've already absorbed the fresh water, then it will receive less damage from the salt water.

To keep your hair from tangling, braid it. French braids are best, but any braid that keeps your hair in place and out of the way will help a lot.

As soon as you get out of the water, use some leave in conditioner in your hair and gently comb it out. This will also help keep any tangling and matting at bay. Try to stay on top of keeping your hair combed and.

Finally, use a shampoo that has SPF - your hair needs protection from the sun too, not just your skin.

Have a fun time on your vacation!