There seems to be some confusion as to how soon after the initial installation a client should wash their hair. If you don’t know, we’re about to tell you... The first Babe Hair rule to hair extensions is to wait at least 24 hours but the ideal wait time is 48 hours. The more you give the bonds time to set and seal, the better. This also helps a lot with slippage as there’s no chance of moisture getting in between the bonds whether it be tape, keratin (fusion), or beads (i-tip).

To help you and your client go over this rule, keep a bottle of Babe Hair Dry Shampoo handy by keeping it displayed at your work station. Babe’s Dry Shampoo is great for both natural hair and hair extensions— as both types of hair shouldn’t be washed too often. With extensions, you should only really be washing twice a week at most. By going over the benefits of dry shampoo, you ensure that your client doesn’t experience slippage and your beautiful work lasts longer. It’s also a great way to make sure your client’s hair remains clean and that the excessive oil traces from the scalp are removed. If you haven’t tried Babe’s Dry Shampoo, you should really give it a go!

You can also carry a few of Babe’s Aftercare Kit which also goes over care instructions for Babe Hair clients. The kit also includes a hair extension brush and a dry shampoo bottle.

Have a question about Babe’s hair care instructions? Please let us know!