Even though we have a lot of colors to choose from (29!), there probably will be times when you have a client whose hair color doesn't match any of the swatches on our hair color ring. That’s okay; you have a few options. You can dye the extensions to match (which you can read about here) or you can try this trick.

Use two different colors of hair extensions that are the closest match. Try one a shade lighter, and one a shade darker, and use them interchangeably throughout the hair.

This method doesn't use more hair than normal. Just get a few packs of each color and apply as normal, just taking special care to blend and evenly distribute both colors.

A perk to this approach is the great dual-color look that it creates. Most people don’t have only one color of hair on their head anyway, especially if their hair hasn't been color-treated. Doing two colors can create a very natural look with a lot of dimension and flavor.