Halloween is among our favorite times of year, because we can dress outlandishly and totally get away with it! It’s also a great opportunity to attract some extra business, and we have some tips to help you do just that.


Seems simple, right? Most of us like to decorate our spaces for purely personal enjoyment, but it’s also great for entertaining clients and giving them a break from the same-old same-old. Plus, it can draw the attention of would-be clients who would’ve walked right past your storefront otherwise. One decoration staple we like around Halloween is a “Cousin Itt” hair extension holder (try it with a Styrofoam Mannequin Head)!


Dress Up
Complement your decorations with elaborate costumes. Remember that you still need to get your work done safely, so don’t incorporate anything that obstructs your sight or your hands. The hair, of course, will be the most important part. Use hair extensions to create your look, so you can show your clients what can be achieved with this versatile product.


Feature a Sale
Sales help to get people into your chair--particularly those that you may not have seen in awhile. Just make sure that your selected sale is compelling enough to actually do the job. Consider something thematically appropriate, like discounted funky colors for Halloween makeovers, or complimentary styles with a cut and color. You can make the sale extra engaging by creating a social media challenge or event beforehand that requires your followers to uncover the sale details amongst your other content. That way you have them looking through your entire feed as you build excitement and anticipation for the sale!


Host a Soirée
For those of you who have the space and the resources, a Halloween party is a really fun way to bring business into your salon. In addition to your regular services, provide your customers with snacks, face painting, nail design, discounted single extension strands, and maybe even a costume contest or raffle where the winner receives a hair extension installation free of labor cost (that is, paying just for the hair extensions themselves).


Gauge Interest
If you enjoy this Halloween experience and decide you want to stage similar events for other holidays, be sure to ask your clients whether they’d be up for that, too! You can even create a preemptive contact list that indicates which clients you should notify in advance for future happenings. Give it a cute name, like the “Hair Fair” or “Babe Brigade”, and send out periodic updates and correspondence to keep the participants engaged. You may find that some customers become so involved that they help you to organize future events in exchange for exclusive perks!


What are you doing in your salon this Halloween? Are you including Babe in your costume? Tell us all the details in the comments below!